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ÍBERO IBERO TEFL Argentina School

Buenos Aires, Argentina



School Introduction

IBERO is a small language school run by its academically distiguished Argentinian owners. Our school is recognized by several national and international institutions. We have an amazing feedback from ex students and keep our courses small enough for students to have both interaction and learning.With years of experience in the language school market, we can offer competitive rates and students receive an excellent education.

IBERO meets the highest standards, not only with regard to the accuracy, accreditation, integrity and academic excellence, but also to offer International students the opportunity to study at a challenging, reliable and comfortable learning environment.Our TEFL Tutors are all highly qualified professionals with extensive TEFL and English teaching experience, and a commitment to academic TEFL training. Above all they are talented facilitators of knowledge and communicators who can make their trainees share their enthusiasm, energy and professionalism in a practical and challenging way.

ESL Program Introduction

We offer:120 hours International TEFL Diploma, externally moderated by UK educational organisms.

100 hours class instruction: 95 hours academic classes at ÍBERO IBERO TEFL School plus 5 hours rehearsal teaching planning. Your classes will cover all the theory needed to become an effective English Teacher in just 4 weeks with all relevant topics ranging from English Language Teaching Methods and Language Awareness to CV/résumé preparation workshops, career prospects, assignments and evaluations corresponding to our academic course syllabus.

10 hours of academic class observations in different educational contexts. From week 1 or 2 you will have the opportunity to observe experienced language teachers at different learning contexts, either at IBERO School or elsewhere at other English language Institutes also offering the chance to experience a future potential workplace.

10 hours teaching practices. You will have the opportunity to improve your teachings from the beginning given the fact that you will be exposed to different learning contexts and you will get the most out of this fantastic educational and rewarding experience. We are the only TEFL school in Buenos Aires offering our trainees this amount of teaching practices because as we are experienced in the language school market we like to get continuous feedback from our ex students/trainees who consider teaching practice sessions as the most important part of the course because they are exposed to real world situations.
Guaranteed job after the course. Best merit diplomas will have secured job positions at renowned institues and private companies from Buenos Aires.

Spanish course (optional)

Our Spanish classes start every Monday, year-round and are offered at the appropriate level for every learner. Classes are divided into eight different levels, and each class is accompanied by an exclusive IBERO textbook, which is now free of charge for all students. Students can choose to enroll in small group classes or opt for private or semi-private lessons.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

2010- 2011 super special price: Only 995 USD for 4 weeks, 120 hours TEFL TESOL course.

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Contact Info

ÍBERO IBERO TEFL Argentina School
150 Uruguay Street
Buenos, Aires

54 11 5218 0240