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Viva College

Brisbane, Australia


School Introduction

Viva College is located in the Queen Street Mall, in the heart of Brisbane City. We offer a variety of high quality English Language programs, Business Courses and Teacher training (TESOL) to students from all over the world. With a wide ranges of courses and elective subjects to choose from, students can tailor their study to their individual needs.

Our new, modern facilities and central location offer convenience and comfort, and our students say Viva is like their 'second home'. We also offer homestay placement services and a fun range of weekend activities for students to relax on their weekends.

Viva has numerous educational pathways and non-ielts alternatives for students interested in further study.

With our great teaching environment and our 'English Only' policy, Viva is the perfect choice for students who want to study in Australia and meet other students from all around the world.

ESL Program Introduction

Viva offers a wide variety of courses to suit the needs of all students. Most courses are held from 8:45am until 2:45pm (5 hours per day), Monday to Friday (25 hours per week).

General English is conducted over 6 levels, from Beginner to Advanced. Each level takes approximately 12 weeks to complete and students can design their own course by choosing elective subjects in the afternoon sessions, according to interests or abilities.

The IELTS Preparation Course is offered over 3 levels and is for students who need this exam for university entrance in Australia. The course prepares students thoroughly for this exam over a total of 12 weeks.

English for Academic Purposes teaches students valuable techinques and English for university study, including report and essay writing, giving presentations and speeches.

'Smart Talk' Conversation course is perfect for those who need confidence in speaking in English, or who would like to travel or work after their studies are complete.

The Cambridge Preparation Course is a comprehensive preparation for this exam, needed for many universities in the UK.

Business courses are perfect for those wanting to further their knowlege of the Business World.

TESOL offers an internationally recognised Certificate IV Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and an additional English for Teaching Children course. These intensive programs give you a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of teaching English.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Starting Dates:
For many of Viva's English classes you can start any Monday however we encourage you to commence at the beginning of a module. This occurs every 4 weeks.
General English: Start any Monday
IELTS Preparation Course: Start any Monday
English for Academic Purposes (EAP): Start any Monday
'Smart Talk' Intensive Conversation Course: Start any Monday
Cambridge Exam Preparation Course: 20 March, 18 September
2007 Business Courses start dates: 9 July, 10 August, 8 October, 26 November.
TESOL: 27 August, 22 October, 31 December
English for Teaching Children: 2 July, 24 September, 19 November

For further commencement dates contact Viva at

Tuition Fees:

Application Fee: AUD $160
Materials Fee: AUD $10/week applies to all English Language courses excluding Cambridge Exam Preparation.

Tuition (General English, IELTS, Viva Biz, EAP, Smart Talk) :
1-9 weeks- AUD $305 per week
10-19 weeks- AUD $295 per week
20-29 weeks - AUD $285 per week
30+ weeks - $265/week

Tuition (Cambridge):
AUD $295 per week
Textbooks, Materials and Exam fee $500 FCE, $400 PET
All Cambridge Exam Preparation students will be required to sit the external Cambridge Exam.

Business Courses:
Certficate III in Business $4, 000
Certficate IV in Business $5, 500
Diploma of Business Studies $12, 800

Certficate IV in TESOL Certficate (8 weeks) $3, 800
Viva TESOL (8 weeks) $2, 900
English for Teaching Children (4 weeks) $1, 450

Homestay Placement Fee: AUD $180
Hometsay (full board): AUD $200 per week (all meals included) for 18+yrs.
Effective 1/7/07 Viva will be unable to place students who are under 18 years in homestay.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Our homestay officer can arrange for students to live with a friendly Australian family. This is a wonderful way to learn about the Australian culture and way of life, and the best way to improve your everyday English. All of our families are visited and their homes inspected to ensure students have a comfortable, private and clean room with bed and study facilities.

Contact Info

Viva College
Level 2, Queen Adelaide Building
90-112 Queen Street Mall
Brisbane, QLD 4000

+61 7 3012 8269
+61 3012 8268