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RealTalk English School

Byron Bay, Australia



School Introduction

Come and study English conversation at RealTalk English School. Our school specialises in teaching real-life, "Everyday English" that native speakers use. Many students have very strong grammatical skills in English but still cannot speak or understand the language. At RealTalk, we are committed to teaching our students how to use their skills in real-life situations. Our courses are great for those wanting to learn English for work and travel in Australia and other English speaking countries.

Our school is located in the beautiful town of Byron Bay, situated on the most easterly point of Australia; just 45 mins south of the Gold Coast. The town has amazing beaches for surfing and swimming, excellent restaurants, cafes, pubs, shops and markets for socialising and shopping. It is world famous for it's unique, relaxed & alternative lifestyle and for that reason, has become a very popular tourist destination for young travellers.

ESL Program Introduction

Everyday English
This course is a one-month, full-time course in English conversation. It offers students a more practical approach to learning English by utilising a specialised & unique language program that is 100% conversation based; focusing on speaking & listening skills rather than reading and writing. At RealTalk we encourage students to immerse themselves in the language while in Australia by offering homestay options and assistance in integrating into the local community through a range of activities available in Byron Bay (such as yoga classes, music/drumming groups, digeridoo & surfing lessons etc) The course includes afternoon activities and excursions that take the students outside the classroom and into the real world to practice applying the skills developed throughout the course.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Starting Dates:

Midway through every month.

Monday 14th April Monday 14th July Monday 13th October
Monday 12th May Monday 18th August Monday 17th November
Monday 16th June Monday 15th September December - School Christmas Break

All fees shown in Australian Dollars
Tuition: $300/week
Homestay Accommodation: $210/week
Other Accommodation Options: from $120/week
Registration Fee: $180

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Byron Bay has become quite a famous tourist destination in Australia and therefore offers a range of accommodation options for students. Our staff are happy to help students find the most suitable accommodation for their needs and budget.

Contact Info

RealTalk English School
P.O Box 1707
Byron Bay 2481

+61 413713413