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Brisbane English School with Kaplan International Colleges

School Introduction

Kaplan International Colleges has over 40 years of specialised experience in the English Courses and Study Abroad sectors.

Our Brisbane English school consists of 3 storeys standing as a contemporary building in the Central business district in Brisbane. Located in the heart of Brisbane, our school provides you with this spectacular view of the city with convenient transportation just a short walk away.

Being a member of English Australia and accredited by the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS), you can be sure that our Brisbane English School always provides and maintains the highest standards of teaching, quality school facilities and excellent student support.

Wondering what facilities can this school bring you? At Kaplan, we always put our students as our first priority. Our Brisbane school – particularly – boasts a resourceful library, practical multimedia facilities with free wireless internet within the school areas, spacious study centre and student lounge for you to hang out with your friends.

ESL Program Introduction

Our Brisbane English school provides a wide variety of English courses for students with different levels of English abilities and interests.

Are you worried about your upcoming IELTS or Cambridge Exam? We can provide you with quality IELTS and Cambridge Exam preparation courses. These courses are designed to assist you to review the exam materials as well as to help you getting into a world’s first-class university.

Our Brisbane School also offers intensive and vacation English classes – providing you a brand new Australia travel experience as well as improving your English skills. We can also prepare you with our Business English courses that give you the perfect opportunity to learn English in a wide range of business contexts.

Are you looking for a long-term English course that you can focus more on your English Studies than sightseeing? If so, this school can offer you an Intensive English Academic courses for either a Year or a Semester.

We aim to help you to achieve your personal, educational and professional goals by providing flexible and practical English classes. With our wide range of personalise electives and supplementary study sessions to match your goals, why not join us to improve your English skills now?

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

The below English courses starts every Monday (or Tuesday - if Monday is a public holiday):
- Vacation English Courses
- Intensive Business English Courses
- Intensive English Courses
- English for Business Courses (On Request)

Starting Dates of below English Courses in Brisbane English School in 2010:
For English for Academic Purposes -: Mar 22; Jun 21; Oct 18

For IELTS Preparation course -: Jan 4; Feb 8; Mar 15; Apr 19; May 24; Jun 28; Aug 3; Sep 6; Oct 11; Nov 15

For Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses (FCE/CAE/CPE) -: Jan 4; Mar 22; Sep 13

For Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Courses -: Jun 15; Oct 11

For Intensive Academic Year Courses -: Jan 4; Apr 12; Jun 21; Sep 27

For Intensive Academic Semester Courses -: Jan 4; Mar 22; Apr 12; Jun 21; Sep 27; Oct 18

** Application Fee: AUD 195

Special Courses & Features

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Brisbane English School with Kaplan International Colleges