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Country English

El Arish, Australia



School Introduction

Country English is a small school set in tropical north Queensland, Australia. Serious learning takes place here, but in an open, friendly and truly caring environment. Students learn faster here since they usually live in, and speak English in their off-hours in a home atmosphere.
The school is surrounded by rainforest, with private natural swimming pools and a private waterfall. There are 3 km of walking tracks through the rainforest. Wildlife abounds in the forest.
On weekends students can visit nearby Mission Beach, one of the most breautiful in Queensland, snorkle on the Great Barrrier Reef, or go rafting on the mighty Tully River, or visit the offshore islands.
Room and board is usually included, although students can stay at Mission Beach--transport is provided.

ESL Program Introduction

Country English offers 3 levels of English in succession: Lower Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. Teachers are qualified with Cambridge University CELTA training. Class size is small, enabling more personalized learning. Classroom is new, cool and quiet.
Coursebooks are the most modern and up-to-date, and via CD ROM students can supplement classes with video, interactive quizzes, etc.
Classes are 25 hours per week, always with teacher contact. 2 afternoons per week are "outdoor learning", where students learn about rainforest, the natural world, climate and weather, wildlife and tropical fruits, while still advancing their English.
Importantly, a teacher is always available to help the student get ahead in English including outside class. Counselling is also provided as to where the should go with further studies or career options.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

September 8-October 3, 2008 (4 weeks) Pre-Intermediate
October 6-October 31, 2008 (4 weeks) Intermediate
November 3-November 28, 2008 (4 weeks) Upper-Intermediate
January 5-January 30, 2009 (4 weeks) Pre-Intermediate
February 2-February 27, 2009 (4 weeks) Intermediate
April 6-May 1, 2009 (4 weeks) Pre-Intermediate
May 4-May 29, 2009 (4 weeks) Intermediate
June 1-June 26, 2009 (4 weeks) Upper-Intermediate
July 6-July 31, 2009 (4 weeks) Pre-Intermediate
August 3-August 28, 2009 (4 weeks) Intermediate
August 31- September 25, 2009 (4 weeks) Upper-Intermediate
September 28- October 23, 2009 (4 weeks) Pre-Intermediate
October 26- November 20, 2009 (4 weeks) Intermediate
November 23- December 18, 2009 (4 weeks) Upper- Intermediate

Tuition: $1200 (4 weeks)
Enrollment fee $100
Acommodation and all food: $720 (4 weeks)

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

accomodation and food provided, or same arranged at Mission Beach, 20 minutes away

Contact Info

Country English
El Arish
Queensland 4855

+61 (0)7 4068 5263