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Paradigm Language Institute

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Bangkok, Thailand



School Introduction

Paradigm Language Institute:

The school focuses on offering high-quality IELTS, TOEFL, GRE/GMAT & SAT courses to prepare learners for study at universities and other academic institutions in the US, UK and Australia. Paradigm also has English conversation and skills classes; these are taught in small groups with the aim of improving learners' abilities to use English in their home and working lives. We adopt a modern methodology leading to an interactive, communcative and fun approach to English language success.

Paradigm runs programs for national and multi-national businesses and institutions in the areas of business and executive English, conversation and academic English.

Paradigm Language Institute is located in the heart of the business district of Bangkok next to BTS Chitlom and welcomes high school students, university students and working professionals. We also have a growing number of students from other Asian countries such as Japan who enjoy studying language with us.

Paradigm has developed a strong reputation for excellence in tuition and good value for money. We always strive to listen to our customers and provide you with the right services to achieve quick and high-level success.

ESL Program Introduction

IELTS & TOEFL Preparation:

IELTS & TOEFL Preparation is delivered at four levels. We aim to develop the vocabulary, grammatical range and accuracy and use of language of all students in the areas which are directly relevant to the particular test.

These courses also introduce students to every part of the test and give opportunites for extensive practice both inside and outside the classroom.

English for Work and Life:

These courses provide students with the skills to use English effectively and with confidence. All lessons are communicative and based on clear aims and objectives. Professional teachers monitor the progress of students use of skills and grammar for communication.

The courses focus on Speaking and Listening with a smaller Reading and Writing component.

Executive & Business English:

The classes focus on the requirements of businessmen & office employees in relation to the needs of corporations and other institutions.

Paradigm offers English for Specific Business purposes in tailor-made courses. These develop language in the context of relevant business situations.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Throughout the year, Paradigm runs courses in all areas. If you apply to Paradigm, we will do a Speaking and Writing test with you and recommend an appropriate class. All classes open within two weeks of the date of student application.

IELTS Preparation: IELTS Skills and Structures IELTS Activate IELTS Advanced (50 hours) 14, 900 Baht
TOEFL Skills and Structures TOEFL Activate TOEFL Advanced (50 hours) 14, 900 Baht
IELTS Techinques TOEFL Techniques (30 hours) 8, 900 Baht
IELTS Tips TOEFL Tips (12 hours) 4, 900 Baht

English for Work & Life (30 hours/level) Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced 8, 900 Baht

Executive & Business English (available upon negotiation with company/individuals)

Private classes: General English 1, 800 Baht per hour Exam Preparation 2, 500 Baht per hour (reduced to 2, 200 Baht for 20 hours or more).

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

English Language Center
Paradigm Language Institute
Paradigm Language Institute
25 Alma Link 2nd floor, Soi Chitlom, Ploenchit, Lumpini Rd., Patumwan
Bangkok 10330