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Australian International Student Office (AISO) Melbourne English Schools

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Address: Level 5, 155 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia


Australian International Student Office is an Australian organisation that is committed to working 24/7 for the entire international student community in Australia. Our student guidance services are offered around the world, for those who are looking to study abroad. With thousands of English courses, undergraduate and postgraduate courses on offer in Australia, our student advisors are able to orient and guide international students correctly towards the course that best fits the goals and needs of each and every individual.

Fax: (+61) 3 9484 5555

Ph: (+61) 3 9484 5555 | (+61) 4 0460 6208

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Principal Agent: Gloria Patricia Isaza Lopez

Qualified Counsellors at Australian International Student Office (AISO) Melbourne

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Gloria Patricia Isaza Lopez