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AIS Education Centre Brisbane English Schools

AIS Education Centre is a trading name of Australian Intercultural Services Pty. . - an Australian proprietary company registered with the Australian Securities Commission since 1998. AIS Education Centre Business Number (BN): 19063015 Australian Business Number (ABN): 41 082 463 689 Australian Company Number (ACN): 082 463 689 The Education Centre was founded in 2000 and is well known and highly regarded in the Australian international education industry. The company has a significant world-wide network and is engaged by major Australian and international institutions and governments to carry out a range of education related services. Here are some of our main activities. Services For Students Course and institution counselling Academic exchanges Support service Accommodation and transfers School changes Visa service (student visa only) Services For Non-Australian Institutions Teacher recruitment Study tours Inter-institutional programmes and MoUs Student support services Education research Services For Australian Institutions Education export consulting Education marketing and multimedia services EMDG consultation Market testing Strategic planning Agent Management

Address: Level 3, 235 Edward Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia

Qualified Counsellors at AIS Education Centre Brisbane

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Hyekyoung Jung