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Blue Studies Consultants Australia Lima English Schools

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Address: Gral. Recavarren Nro. 103 Oficina 1101 Miraflores, Lima, 18, Peru

Profile: Blue Studies Consultants is an Australian organisation that offers complete, experienced and professional education counselling services to students interested in studying in Australian universities and schools. Our organisation has local (Melbourne) and overseas offices (Bogota, Santiago de Chile and Lima). Our offices in Colombia, Chile and Peru provide our clients with information regarding Australian universities and schools. In addition they are also in charge of the application process for student visas, the enrolment process, counselling, airline ticket reservations, travel preparation and everything else related to journeying abroad. Our Australian office works with Latin American students locally and also assists students arriving from the offices in Colombia, Chile and Peru.

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Principal Agent: Ely Rivera

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Ely Rivera