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OZ Education and Migration Specialist English Schools

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Address: 250 Pitt Street, Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia


Business Profile

OZ Education and Migration Specialist (OEMS) is a specialized education and migration agency which is endeavouring to provide the clients with quality services in the areas of :

·         Education placement
·         Migration consulting
·         Stand alone services related to education and migration
·         Translating service
·         Supportive services for students and migrants
·         Others as requested by clients

It evolves from the business named 'Australian Golden Bridge Education Consultancy'. The business name change reflects the broaden services being provided by the business, as from simply the education placement for international students to education placement, migration advising and translation service etc.

Mission Statement 

OZ Education and Migration Specialist (OEMS) endeavours to provide the clients with extraordinary high quality service by utilizing our specialized knowledge in international education and Migration industry in Australia with the best efforts of our staff put in.
Being cultural sensitive to clients from various backgrounds, bearing in mind that every client should be served individually and their best interests should be preserved by our quality service. OEMS is going to promote a clients-centred practice complying with the regulations and policies governing the practice of education and migration agencies.  

Total Quality Management 

Proactive measures are taken to ensure the quality consistency of the services provided by OEMS:

·         Quality assurance system: ensuring that each work is completed by accredited specialist(s) while observing the specific requirements of the client
·         Reliable internal managerial procedures and policies: ensuring that each case is completed in a systematic way so that consistency could be achieved
·         Transparent pricing policy: ensuring that each client is treated fairly in regards to the service price
·         Timely service: ensuring that each case is accomplished within a timeframe as agreed.

Our Commitments
·         Customer focused
·         Professional service
·         Ethical practice
·         Timely response
·         Reasonable price

Ph: 61-02-9264 2553

Principal Agent: Yanfei Jiang

Qualified Counsellors at OZ Education and Migration Specialist

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Yanfei Jiang

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