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Prime Education Centre Sydney English Schools

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Address: Pacific Trade Centre, 207/368 Sussex Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia


Prime Education Centre was established in March 2014. 

Prime Education Centre is an Education Agent. We have a vision to prepare our international students to achieve the best in their future. And our missions are:
1. Providing affordable quality educational services for students.
2. Providing additional seminars and trainings for students.
3. Building and maintaining good relationships with students and educational providers.

We assist our clients for any enquiries about studying and living in Australia and Canada, such as finding a school, college or university, helping with airport transfer, accommodation, seeking part time or casual jobs, providing additional seminars or trainings, and helping clients to connect to the local community.

The Tree on our logo represents "GROWTH", the Circle represents "UNITY AND CARE", the Bubble represents "MEMBER OF STUDENT", Blue represents "PRODUCTIVITY", Yellow represents "OPTIMIST", Pink represents "INTIMACY", and Green represents 'FRIENDLY'.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding studying in Australia and Canada.

Ph: +61-2-85415220

Principal Agent: Rionaldo Prabowo

Qualified Counsellors at Prime Education Centre Sydney

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Rionaldo Prabowo

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