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Adventure Language School

Nelson, Canada



School Introduction

Adventure Language School offers a new way of learning English. Our goal is to provide an exciting learning experience by teaching real English skills through challenging outdoor activities. In addition we introduce students to Nelson, British Columbia, which is known as the "lifestyle" town of Canada.   It is located in the heart of the mountains, beside a beautiful lake.   Nelson is famous for its relaxed friendly pace, arts community, and outdoor activities.   If you want to meet Canadians, Nelson is the town for you. Major cities such as Vancouver have huge international student populations, and students often feel that they cannot meet Canadians.   Adventure Language School offers you a new way of learning, in a real Canadian town.

ESL Program Introduction

In the Adventure Program students can combine English language learning with outdoor education. Adventure also has a very affordable ski/snowboard/study program, giving students access to the legendary Whitewater Ski Resort.   For students who want to focus on study in a cool, small town, we have full time and part time academic ESL programs.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Adventure Program $750 week / $2450 month

Academic Program
Part-time (15 hours) $200 week / $800 month
Full-time (30hours) $300 week / $1200 month

Ski & Snowboard Program (includes 15 hours/week of classroom english)
$520 week / $1720 month 1 / $1255 month 2

$100 registration fee

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Adventure Language School
Box 831
Nelson, British Columbia
V1L 5R9