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Vancouver Medical English Institute

Vancouver, Canada



School Introduction

Located in British Columbia, Canada, the Vancouver Medical English Institute (VMEI) offers immersion courses in English as a Second Language designed for Medical Professionals. Using the methods and unique curriculum developed by Pikku Vichert, the courses concentrate on the use of English in a medical context. They teach both the language and culturally appropriate communication skills for practicing medical careers in an English speaking environment.

The institute also prepares people who are about to give medical presentations at conferences or conventions. These are typically two or three day sessions concentrating only on the specific presentation.

ESL Program Introduction

Programs are intended for adults in the medical professions, doctors, nurses, medical students, pharmacists, medical technicians and other professions where medical terminology and usage is needed.

The Institute is operated according to the methods and philosophy of Pikku Vichert. Pikku is a highly respected professional trained in medicine with over 20 years of ESL experience. She has researched all the standard methods of instruction and adapted them to her own philosophy of learning. She believes that students learn best if they are thoroughly engaged and actively enjoying the process.

Pikku feels that participation is of prime importance in order to facilitate the interaction between students and teacher, and therefore she does not have classes larger than four students. This is an Institute for students who really want to learn. Pikku believes that learning is best achieved with a mixture of intense learning and more relaxed practice. Therefore her curriculum has half a day of concentrated teaching and the other half of the studentís day is occupied with less intense learning activities that complement and consolidate what was learned during the half-day of dynamic instruction.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

The programs are ongoing on a four month rotating basis. All components of the course will be taught every month but the content will not repeat itself until the fifth month. This means that a student can enter the course at any time, and choose a one, two, three or four month intensive course.

Tuition: Full time (30 hr/wk) $CDN 600/wk
Registration Fee: $CDN 100
Materials: approximately $CDN 100 per course
Presentation Preparation: $CDN 450/day

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Vancouver Medical English Institute
London Building, Suite 920
626 West Pender Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1B9