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ESL Adventure School

Victoria, Canada



School Introduction

The ESL Adventure School offers exciting and memorable Outdoor Adventure Programs in Winter and Summer. Our activites are based on Vancouver Island in Victoria and Mt. Washington. Programs are led by qualified instructors. Programs are available to local School Groups and visiting foreign students.

At the ESL Adventure School foreign students learn English while experiencing a variety of outdoor activities. Our "English-Only" environment assists students to practice their English skills and engage in conversations. Students learn while enjoying themselves in the beautiful outdoors. And they leave with increased confidence and pride in what they have achieved. The comaraderie of tackling challenges in small groups creates lasting friendships. Valuable experience is gained by studying nature’s wisdom and self-reliance in the outdoor environment.

ESL Program Introduction

We visit the National Parks, Ecological Reserves and Marine Parks of Vancouver Island. We learn about Native Culture, Rainforest Ecology, Marine Mammals, Birds, the Ocean Environment and much more. Outdoor activities are designed to be learning opportunities. They are also interesting, challenging and fun. Students thrive in this environment and tremendous growth takes place. Paddle a genuine 42 ft. Cedar Dug-out canoe, hug a 1, 000 year -old tree, view animals in the wild and expand your horizons!

We offer 7-day and 4-week Outdoor Adventure Programs.
At the IAT ESL Adventure School we believe that youth learn best when they are having fun. We encourage active learning at our school. Your personal language skills will naturally grow while experiencing the great outdoors and participating in our adventure activities.

Conversation is a most important part of your English learning process.
We have 1 English Instructor for each group of 8-10 students to ensure personal coaching and personalized instruction. Teachers have experience to make each class interesting and motivating and we encourage each of our students to fully participate. Our focus is on creating a natural environment that encourages conversation while exercising your body and enjoying the challenge of new activities. Youth learn best when being challenged and inspired!

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Program Dates:
Weekly Programs start on Sundays at 4 p.m.
Programs end on Sundays at 1 p.m.
15 hours English instruction per week.
English-only environment plus activities such as whale watching, rainforest hiking, sea kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, sailing.
Tuition, Room and board and English instruction: $999.00 cdn per week
$3, 000 for 4 weeks

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Students have the option of homestay with Canadian family or student residence with 12-16 students in a 7 bedroom house. 24 hour supervision is provided for student residence.

Contact Info

ESL Adventure School
1032 Oliphant St.
Victoria, British Columbia
V8V 2V1