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Multicultural Academy Canada

Montreal, Canada



School Introduction

Multicultural Academy Canada is located in the beautiful international city of Montréal, which is one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in the world. Multicultural Academy Canada has offered languages courses and computer training for over 5 years, and every program has Quebec Government approval. This guarantees that graduates have the skills at the end of their program that are required by their future employers in industry and business.

Multicultural Academy Canada prides itself in having one of the best training centers for languages and computer training located in a modern bilingual city --Montreal.

ESL Program Introduction

We offer 10 levels courses for English, French, and 6 levels courses for Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian. Our structured language courses will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of grammar, vocabulary enrichment, reading, writing and listening activities, along with conversation practice. The small-sized groups (a maximum of 8 students per class) ensures personalized attention and allows the teacher to perform continuous evaluation of the students.

The Conversation Workshops are to enhance cross-cultural links and encourage communication between students. The Conversation Workshops are aimed at improving oral communication skills in the target language, with conversation practice under the supervision of a teacher.

Private and custom-made language courses based on your individual needs and objectives. Given by our certified and experienced teachers

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Schedule & Fees

Starting Dates:
Jan 8, 2007, Feb 5, 2007, Mar 5, 2007, April 2, 2007, May 7, 2007, June 4, 2007, July 2, 2007, Aug 6, 2007, Sep 3, 2007, Oct 8, 2007, Nov 5, 2007, Dec 3, 2007

Tuition: $400 (80 hours in full-time), $250 (40 hours in part-time)
Application Fee: $10

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Contact Info

Multicultural Academy Canada
1500 Maisonneuve O. Suite 202
Montreal, Quebec H3G1N1