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The Royal Conservatory of Music

Arts-Based English as a Second Language for children (ESL)
Toronto, Canada



School Introduction

Research has shown that children and youth who participate in Royal Conservatory classes enjoy and average increase of 11 percentile points in math and language. To give your child a learning advantage, enroll today.

Additionally, The Royal Conservatory will be opened in The TELUS Centre for Performace and Learning, which was constructed in 2008.
The TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning will be one of the world's greatest arts and education venues.

ESL Program Introduction

Arts-Based English as a Second Language for children (ESL)

If your family has recently arrived in Canada and is seeking a safe, creative, high-quality environment in which your child can learn to speak English, this course is for you. Music and the arts are universal languages that reach all children. This is especially true for children adjusting to a new culture and seeking connection. Through singing, games, drama, and expressive arts, your child will not only learn vocabulary, but will develop a deep sense of how meaning is conveyed in another language. In this fun, relaxed environment, children who are new to Canada can meet other newcomers, make new friends, and build confidence speaking and using English.

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Schedule & Fees

Starting Date: Sept 21, 2008
Two terms (14 weeks per term)
Ages 6-9: every Sunday, from 10:30 (90 min.)
$500.00 per term
Ages 10-13: every Sunday, from 13:00 (90 min.)
$500.00 per term

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Arts-Based English as a Second Language for children (ESL)
The Royal Conservatory of Music
273 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1W2