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MAIYUFA: Montreal Academy for International Language and Fine Arts

Montreal, Canada



School Introduction

The Montreal Academy for International Languages and Fine Arts (MAIYUFA) guarantees you meet your language goals. MAIYUFA has a unique language program, with a specialized curriculum and creative methods. Our ESL Intensive program is only four weeks long. Can you imagine speaking more fluently and confidently in only 4 weeks? Contact us now.

ESL Program Introduction

NEW! Intensive 4-week ESL program begins this winter:
Speaking in another language is just like public speaking for a native speaker. You need appropriate preparation, confidence and good enunciation. MAIYUFA's unique intensive 4-week ESL program gives you the best tools and strategies to help you achieve your speaking and fluency goals. We guarantee it or!

MAIYUFA also has a solid and demanding 10-week intensive program. Because our program and methods are so unique we are limited in what we may share about them online. However, what we can tell you is that we have a curriculum that is based in the fine arts of film and theatre. It is further supported by a program that stimulates the mind and activates the body to increase your language learning - guaranteed!

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

4-week intensive
Tuition: $1475 (Paid in full or installments)
Pre-paid: $1250 (That is a discount of $225)

Private Individualized Course (20 hours)
Tuition: $415

Semi-Private Course (20 hours)
Tuition: $265

Small Group Course (20 hours)
Tuition: $195

Consultation Fee (Testing, Advising, and Registration): $65

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Although MAIYUFA does not presently offer its own housing projects, students who have a need may contact the director and make a request for such a service on an individual basis.

Contact Info

MAIYUFA: Montreal Academy for International Language and Fine Arts
469 Jean-Talon O.
Montreal, QC H3N 1R4