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KIOSK Language Centre

Toronto, Canada



School Introduction

KIOSK Language Centre is a private language school in Toronto, Canada, where students receive quality English language instruction, service and personal attention. Our programs and teaching methods are designed to meet the learners' needs and to facilitate maximum learning. We are located in the city's vibrant downtown, within walking distance of the entertainment district, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, major shopping centres, supermarkets and popular tourist attractions.

ESL Program Introduction

English for Everyday Life: Relevant content and real life activities with assignments that encourage fluency in professional, academic or social situations. First rate instruction from beginner to advanced levels by highly qualified teachers.

High School Programs: KIOSK offers Grade 11 and 12 university preparation credits. Intensive study program allows you to complete 1.5 academic years in one year. Ontario Ministry of Education approved curriculum. University preparation program Support for TOEFL preparation. Caring personal attention for every student.

KIOSK Summer Program: An excellent opportunity to experience Canadian life. In the morning you will take English classes with other international students. After that you will enjoy exciting activities in the afternoon: sports, sightseeing, shopping, trips around Toronto. On the weekends we will take you on day trips to famous places such as Niagara Falls, Canada's Wonderland theme park, nearby towns and beaches. The friendships you will make and the memories of your trip will last forever.

KIOSK Corporate Training: We specialize in training solutions for the English as a Second Language market. A strong team of trainers and consultants working in international and domestic markets with a dedication to state-of-the-art methods and technologies serving all corporate sectors.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Starting Dates: Every week

-------------------------Hours per Week----------------------
4 weeks----CDN$705--------CDN$920--------CDN$1, 125
8 weeks----CDN$1, 380-----CDN$1, 800-----CDN$2, 200
12 weeks---CDN$2, 025-----CDN$2, 640-----CDN$3, 225
16 weeks---CDN$2, 640-----CDN$3, 440-----CDN$4, 200
20 weeks---CDN$3, 225-----CDN$4, 200-----CDN$5, 125
24 weeks---CDN$3, 780-----CDN$4, 920-----CDN$6, 000
28 weeks---CDN$4, 305-----CDN$5, 600-----CDN$6, 825
32 weeks---CDN$4, 800-----CDN$6, 240-----CDN$7, 600
36 weeks---CDN$5, 400-----CDN$7, 020-----CDN$8, 550
40 weeks---CDN$6, 000-----CDN$7, 800-----CDN$9, 500
44 weeks---CDN$6, 600-----CDN$8, 580-----CDN$10, 450
48 weeks---CDN$7, 200-----CDN$9, 360-----CDN$11, 400
52 weeks---CDN$7, 800-----CDN$10, 140----CDN$12, 350

Registration Fee CDN$100 (one time only)
Accomodation Service Fee CDN$150
Airport Pickup Fee CDN$100 (one time only)
Homestay (with meals) CDN$850 (for 4 weeks)
Health Insurance CDN$2.50 (per day)
Materials Fee CDN$50

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

KIOSK Language Centre
65 Wellesley St E, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1G7