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New Horizons School of English

Kingston, Canada



School Introduction

New Horizons Learning & Language Centre brings you a distinctive learning opportunity! Our school of English and learning centre is located in the City of Kingston, Ontario, in the Heart of the 1000 Islands region. With an emphasis on customized lesson plans based on individual needs, we have transformed our organization to become a complete learning centre.

We offer a wide range of Languages specializing in English, French and Spanish but also offering major international languages as well as languages of strong communities in Canada's multicultural society.

Our intensive, semi intensive, one on one or tutoring options are easily adapted to your individual needs. We provide a friendly and supportive learning environment with a practical and comprehensive curriculum and dedicated staff! We run our English as second Language program, a new customized program, developed and based on clients needs with a 100% guarantee's results. Our program is run in small classes go from 1 to 4 students maximum.

We support our program with Reading Comprehension, Writing and Applied Grammar. Additionally, we offer several workshops which will help you to prosper personally and professionally.

ESL Program Introduction

To ensure that your individual needs are met, we guarantee a maximum of FOUR students per class. However we will run a new class with only one student, so take advantage of our program.

Placement test for intermediate or advanced levels is required. English Program: What you need is what you get. Based on most of our students needs we have developed five main programs

Business and Professional English Individual Program This program is customized to meet individual needs. It provides a daily total immersion of seven hours.

Prep High School and Post-secondary Programs. If you are thinking to enrol in a Canadian High School or a North American university, this is the program for you, we provide writing and reading comprehension strategies and applied grammar.

Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL) preparation centre. Our institution has been granted to become an Official CAEL Preparation and Testing Centre. From September, 2010* we will start to run our preparation program in Saturday and / or evening sessions.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

At New Horizons School of English, we offer you extensive experience teaching languages. Our intensive programs are customized to meet individual needs.
Our business and professional program provides a daily total immersion of 7 hours. Our centre is located in the City of Kingston, Ontario, in the Heart of the 1000 Islands region.

We accept students all year long. A mandatory evaluation is required in order to customized student's program. We assess with a General English test, Academic Test, including a Reading Comprehension and Writing part and an Interview.

Courses throughout year, except last two weeks of December and first week of January.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Homestay Homestay is the best way to experience Canada, and learn its language and culture. Being part of a Canadian family is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We assist students in choosing their Homestay family. The members of the family will give you a warm welcome into their home and their family life. You will have your own furnished room, for privacy and study, but you may join the family in activities, and in the evenings for dinner and conversation - an excellent way to practice your new language skills! Your family will also include your breakfast and a packed lunch, which you may eat at school and eat with other students. Your family, like your teachers, want your stay to be rewarding and enjoyable. Together they will give you the support and help when you need it, so that your visit is problem-free and full of warm and happy memories.

Contact Info

New Horizons School of English
303 Bagot Street, Suite 101
Lasalle Mews Building
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 5W7