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American Language Programs, Inc.

English Language Homestay Immersion Program
Boston, Massachusetts USA



School Introduction

American Language Programs is a private homestay program with intensive English language instruction wherein students stay in the homes of their American teachers. Within their program they receive individualized teaching according to their level in English. The emphasis of our program is that students have the opportunity to “practice what is preached!” In other words, their entire stay is practice in using English. Their teacher and homestay host is a very qualified teacher usually with many years of training/experience and one or more academic degrees from well-known American colleges and/or universities. Students become immersed in the daily lives of their families and practice English their entire stay. Lessons are private (one-on-one) and scheduled at the discretion of teacher/student but usually during morning hours. Meals and trips are with teachers and their host family. This method of perfecting a second language has proven to be very successful. Numerous studies support this. Why don’t you join us on an adventure of a lifetime? Learn the language of the world, English, and share in an American experience!

ESL Program Introduction

ALP offers four levels of intensive language instruction:


Business & Specialized

Deluxe Five-Star


Lessons are offered at the convenience and agreement of both student and teacher. The family provides all meals plus they offer a minimum of one excursion per week. All of our teachers/homes are carefully inspected to ensure student comfort and safety. Interested in Business, Economics, Marketing AND English? Enroll at prestigious Boston University and ALSO study English during your stay!

ALP offers programs in:

Boston, Massachusetts
Orlando & Kissimmee, Florida
Palm Beach & Boca Raton, FL
Miami, Florida
New York City, NY/New Jersey
Phoenix, Arizona
Los Angeles, California
San Francisco, California
Honolulu, Hawaii
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

We offer year-around enjoyment and study to our students. Students can plan a combination of two or more states and/or programs.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Our fees are competitive and lower than many other English programs.

Students select the time of year, the number of study hours, and the level of their program. ALP is structured with the student in mind! Which program, number of hours and time of year would you prefer? The choice is yours!
We also offer these Special Programs:

Lessons ONLY: Private English OR Spanish Lessons (without homestay)

Corporate / Workplace Program: English OR Spanish

Public Speaking/ Business English Instruction

Homestay ONLY (without lessons)

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

English Language Homestay Immersion Program
American Language Programs, Inc.
56 Hobbs Brook Road
BOSTON, Massachusetts USA

(781) 888-1515
(781) 894-3113