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BLI Montreal

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School Introduction

Discover Montreal
Montreal is a unique City!! A city where language and Culture meet!! A city
with an european flavor that will charm you from the moment you arrive. Montreal is a bilingual city located on an Island in the Saint Laurence River. It is the perfect setting to learn English and French and immerse yourself in a cultural adventure.
It doesn't matter when you choose to come to Montreal, there is always something interesting and fun to do. Whether in Summer, spring, fall or winter, a wide variety of activities are going on.

Discover BLI
BLI is an international language school with 36 years outstanding reputation for the quality and variety of English and French programs we offer.
BLI Montreal is located in an area full of life close to everything you need. Just a block away from two metro stations with easily access to our facilities.
Our modern facilites offer students a comfortable and nice athmosphere that makes the learning process very enjoyable and fun.
Some of the comodities our facilities offer are:
Ipad Zones, Computer lab, Students Lounge, Library, Cafeteria, Wireless Zones, Information Boards, Mediatheque etc.
BLI programs offer an integral solution for your educational needs as an international student. We take care of all the aspects to make your stay in our school an unforgetable life experience.

ESL Program Introduction

BLI offers all types of English and French programs to fit educational needs. Depending on your interests you may take General English or French, conversation classes, listening classes, test preparation like Toefl, Toeic, PET, FCE or CAE, DALF, DELF. Business English·French, grammar, among others.
You can choose how intensive you want your classes to be. For international students looking for an excellent immersion experience we recommend our Intensive programs that offer 24, 30 and 35 lesson per week options, that you can be enhanced with semi private and private lessons or "lessons a la carte"

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Starting dates:
January 3, 2012, January 30, 2012, February 27, 2012, March 26, 2012, April 23, 2012, May 22, 2012, June 18, 2012, July 16, 2012, August 13, 2012, September 10, 2012, October 9, 2012, November 5, 2012, December 3, 2012.

Aplication Fee: $100
Books : $50
Other fees may apply.

1-3 weeks: 18 lessons $205, 24 lessons $295, 30 lessons $330, 35 lessons $385.
4-11 weeks: 18 lessons $205, 24 lessons $275, 30 lessons $315, 35 lessons $370
12-23 weeks: 18 lessons $195, 24 lessons $260, 30 lessons $300, 35 lessons $355
24-31 weeks: 18 lessons $185, 24 lessons $250, 30 lessons $285, 35 lessons $350
32 or more: 18 lessons $180, 24 lessons $240, 30 lessons $270, 35 lessons $340

Placement fee: $180
Homestay change: $100

Full board( 3 meals per day): +18 $205, -18 $220, extra night $35.
Half board (2 meals per day): +18 $190, -18 $210, extra night $35.
Roomstay: +18 $145, -18 n/a, extra night $25.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Finding the right place to live plays a very important role in the success of your program in Canada. Where you live will be a very enriching experience that will be part of your learning process. BLI knows that and we are here to help. Depending on your needs, we will help you choose the best option for you. BLI offers different types of accomodation that are suitable to all kinds of students. The options we have for you are: Homestay Families , Roomstays , Students Residences, Furnished Studios & Apartments.

Contact Info

BLI Montreal
407, Saint-Laurent Blvd., Suite 410
Montreal (Québec) Canada H2Y 2Y5

(514) 842-3847
(514) 842-3840