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Toronto International College

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School Introduction

Toronto International College (TIC) is an inspected private school duly registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education under the BSID Number: 665800. Located in Toronto, Canada's largest city and the provincial capital of Ontario, TIC is committed to offering quality ESL (English as a Second Language), UP (University Preparation) and GP (Graduate Preparation) courses to students from around the world.

Studying at TIC provides you with a Pathway to a University degree in Canada that will open doors to many new opportunities and prepare you for future challenges. TIC provides a solid foundation for your advanced studies by offering government-accredited UP courses and rigorous ESL training while maintaining high academic standards and giving careful attention to the individual needs of each student.

TICís flexible approach to entry requirements makes it an open and accessible institution, serving the educational needs of a diverse range of local and international students. TIC offers you excellent facilities. The friendly, experienced, dedicated instructors and staff at TIC are devoted to serving your needs and helping you to achieve your educational goals. They offer all our students a high level of personal and academic support to ensure that they have not only an academic success but also a memorable and enjoyable experience in Toronto.

We have 2 offices/schools in Toronto, ON and an office/school in Vancouver, BC

ESL Program Introduction

English as a Second Language (ESL) program is accredited by Languages Canada.Students have a variety of needs when it comes to the study of English. For some students, it is essential to work on English fundamentals, while for others, the focus is on academic English and the communication techniques that university study requires, such as essay and report writing, presentations, group discussions.

English for Academic Purposes ( EAP) program at Toronto International College is designed to give a strong English language foundation to our students in order to prepare them for their future University Preparation courses. It allows the students to achieve a whole new level of English proficiency to enable them to succeed in their future university careers.

The Graduate Preparation Courses ( GP ) have been specially designed by Toronto International College for international students who have completed their baccalaureate degree, or equivalent qualification, and who wish to pursue a Masters degree program at a university in an English-speaking country.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), University preparation (UP) courses: at TIC we offer our students different options of pathways to University Placement depending on their academic background and their goals of post-secondary education when they are first admitted. Students must make a choice between the Stream of Arts and Commerce and the Stream of Science and Technology prior to the commencement of their program of studies.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Each module -7 weeks, 30 hours per day, 5 days per week.Total study-5 modules: Basic, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced

Start dates for 2013: January 2, February 21, April 15, June 5, July 25, September 16, November 5
Start dates for 2014: January 6, February 24, March 27, April 15, June 2, July 21, September 8, October 30

1 module (7 weeks): $2580
2 modules (14 weeks): $5160
3 modules (21 weeks): $6192 (20% off)
4 modules (28 weeks): $7224 (30% off)
5 modules (35 weeks): $9030 (30% off)

Application fee:$100
Homestay (3 meals included)$400-450 per month

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Toronto International College
3550 Victoria Park ave,
Toronto, Ontario, M2H 2N5

416 498 9299, ext.5351
416 493 9166