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Trend College, Kelowna

International Department
Kelowna, Canada



School Introduction

Trend College is well-known in the community and has an excellent reputation. The education our students receive is second to none, and we have proved that since its beginning 13 years ago. We are located in the heart of downtown Kelowna - close to banks, restaurants, shops, drugstores, the postoffice, Kelowna Library, Kelowna Museum, Waterfront Walkway, City Park, Okanagan Lake and much more - all within a 2-8 minute walk. Kelowna is a safe, clean city and one of the most desired cities to live in within Canada! Vineyards line the valley and the seasonal fruit is plentiful. For International Students, it's the perfect place to study! Our students learn quickly as great care is given to encourage each one to pursue the goals and purposes in coming to Canada. Our International department averages 30-35 students (presently running at 42), and the domestic department of our school averages 125-150 students.

ESL Program Introduction

Our ENGLISH ONLY POLICY is strongly enforced at all times. We focus on Conversation, Grammar, Pronunciation, Presentations, Reading, Writing, TOEFL & TOEIC prep, Listening, and Introductory Business for International Students (IBIZ). Our staff and instructors are personal and friendly. Social activities include the following: Winter - snowshoeing, curling, skiing, skating, ranch sleigh rides; Summer - golf course putting, boating, tubing, beach volleyball, soccer, football , barbques, pancake breakfasts; Fall - apple orchard tours, wine tours, corn roasts, salmon run tours; Spring - maple fest (sugaring-off festival) and many city activities. Our international students are able to meet and mingle with the Canadian students on a daily basis. Once every 8 weeks our students participate in domestic classes; allowing the students to audit the class, ask questions regarding the course and meet the instructor. This is a great opportunity for our international students. Since we are a busines/technology based school, our students have the opportunity to use any of our computer labs - all which have FREE Internet access; plus, the labs are a great benefit to our ESL department on a daily basis.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

2004 Start Date Mid-TERM End Date Duration Tuition Only
Start Date
TERM V Jul 26 NA Aug 27 5 weeks $1187.50
TERM VI Aug 26 Sep 23 Oct 22 8 weeks $1900.00
TERM VII Oct 21 Nov 18 Dec 17 8 weeks $1900.00

TERM I Jan 3 Jan 27 Feb 25 8 weeks (Winter TERM) $1900.00
TERM II Feb 24 Mar 24 Apr 22 8 weeks (Winter/Spring TERM) $1900.00
TERM III Apr 21 May 26 Jun 30 10 weeks (Spring TERM) $2375.00

TERM IV Jun 29 NA July 29 4 weeks (Summer TERM ) $1030.00 (or buy both Summer TERMs-
TERM V July 28 NA Aug 26 4 weeks (Summer TERM) 8 weeks for $1900.00)

TERM VI Aug 25 Sep 22 Oct 21 8 weeks (Fall TERM) $1900.00
TERM VI Oct 20 Nov 17 Dec 16 8 weeks (Fall/Winter TERM) $1900.00

1) Books are not included in the price of tuition.
2) Registration Fee is $100.00.
3) Material Fee will vary (For Ex: 1 full TERM = $50.00)
4) Student Activity Fee will vary (For Ex: 1 full TERM = $25.00)
5) Discount given on tuition when 16 or more weeks of study are purchased.
6) FREE TOEIC test is given when a student purchases more that 8 weeks of study.
7) Accommodation Fee: $130.00
8) Homestay Fee: $550.00 (paid directly to the homestay family)

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

International Department
Trend College, Kelowna
546 Leon Ave
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6J6

(250) 763-7400
(250) 763-9948