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Canadian Language Learning Centre

Halifax, Canada



School Introduction

Centrally located in a new and modern building CLLC is ideal for ESL students. We are walking distance to homestays and the downtown core. We have very exoerienced teachers and a comprehensive curriculum. CLLC has a unique philosophy based on years of successful language learning and teaching.

The benefits of Halifax is the smaller size, lower prices and high quality of education which is a tradition in this university city. There is lots to see and do all year round in this very safe city. The weather in Halifax is also very nice in all 4 seasons.

ESL Program Introduction

-General English Immersion-
A combination of high quality classroom instruction and “real life” situational practice maximizes students’ learning experiences. Regardless of one’s level, improvement is immediate. This is our most popular course.

Most of our students study in this program. The morning classes consist of a set text book and workbook with 6 levels. These are multi-skill classes and are semi intensive. The afternoon classes are speaking and listening focused with a variety of methods and approaches used to benefit all types of students. These classes often include some outside of school activities as well as task based activities which help the student to interact in Canadian life in a controlled atmosphere with a teacher and other students for help, feedback and support.

-Business / Professional English-
This program is an intensive study / practice of the skills used in the world of global business. Students will learn some very important skills such as intercultural communication, cultural sensitivity in business, how to communicate effectively, leadership, negotiation, presentation and much more. Students will graduate from this class with knowledge, motivation and confidence not only in speaking English, but using it effectively in a professional role.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Classes begin every 4 weeks, in summer every Monday.

Tuition is $999 Canadian Dollars / 4 weeks Full time 28 hours / week & $799 Canadian Dollars / 4 weeks Part time 18 hours / week

Homestay cost: $600 Canadian Dollars / 4 weeks

Registration 4 weeks minimum - average students' stay 4 months.

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Canadian Language Learning Centre
45 Alderney Drive suite 100
Halifax - Dartmouth, N.S.
B2Y 2N6

1 (902) 461 9577
1 (902) 461 0919