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Mountainside English Language Academy

Victoria, Canada



School Introduction

Mountainside is luxury home-stay school, situated in Victoria - one of the world's most beautiful cities, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Mountainside is very safe as well as very beautiful. It is close Nature - Mountain Trails, forest walks and the ocean.

Mountainside's fees are totally all-inclusive - includes personal computers, unlimited Internet access, free overseas phone calls. Also included are frequent excursions at no extra cost.

Very comfortable single bedrooms for each student, with full bathroom facilities available. Free laundry.

Reception and transportation from the Airport on arrival without charge.

Return transportation to the Airport on departure without charge.

Very great care is taken to supply each student's personal needs.

We protect our students and provide the safest environment for them.

Instructors live at the Residence and engage students in English conversation at every opportunity.

ESL Program Introduction

All courses are planned personally for every student to help students reach the own personal goals. Most of the teaching is by private lessons.

All faculty members have Advanced TESOL Teaching Certificates and use the latest methods of ESL Instruction, so a student learns quickly.

Because we use the latest methods of education and because so much of the student's time is by private tuition, we believe that we can teach as much in 3 months as most schools aim to teach in a year. This saves a tremendous amount of money.

Mountainside is perfect for a student who is looking for something a little different or who has a particular needs not easily met by the more conventional school.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

A student may commence on ANY day of ANY month and stay for ANY length of time

Contact us for a full description of our full, all-inclusive fee structure

REFUND: You may cancel your course at any time if you wish and pay only for the current month. Refunds will be made on the basis of the full month by month schedule.

Fees may be paid by Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Bank Money Order, Personal Cheque or cash.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Mountainside is a residential school where both the Instructors and Students live in the same building. No time is wasted traveling between the residence and the school. Three full meals and unlimited snacks are provided. A student is welcome to bring a guest for a meal with no extra charge. Students are also welcome, if they wish, to make a meal for everyone to enjoy. A very warm, loving, caring and safe environment is provided and our one aim is make our students very happy and comfortable, as well as to send them home with a good working knowledge of English.

Contact Info

Mountainside English Language Academy
11186 Hedgerow Drive
Sidney. Victoria
V8L 5S3