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Vancouver English Centre

Vancouver, Canada



School Introduction

Vancouver English Centre is located in downtown Vancouver, near shopping malls, football and hockey stadiums, parks and the main library. VEC is registered with the Private Post-Secondary Education commission of British Columbia and the Canadian Association of Private Language Schools ( CAPLS ). Our spacious, open environment promotes interaction, information and social activities. You can sit in the large open dining hall and watch news on our large "video walls", or catch up on your email in one of our four student computer labs. VEC has developed linkage programs with Colleges and universities in USA and Canada. Students who complete uninterrupted, full-time programs of 24 weeks or longer at VEC are eligible for a 4-week scholarship at our school located in Guadalajara Mexico, where they can study either Spanish or English.

ESL Program Introduction

Vancouver English Centre offers a wide variety of English language courses to suit your specific ESL learning needs. Improve your TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS score quickly with our special test preparation courses. Practice your English, while gaining experience in a Canadian workplace, with our Business Internship Program. Vancouver English Centre encourages English language students from all over the world to enjoy a cultural immersion experience in Canada. Although we normally have students from up to 30 different countries, we constantly try to improve the diversity of our student body. Consequently, we frequently offer scholarships to students from specific countries. VEC also offers optional leisure and sightseeing activities almost every day. These include skiing, snowboarding, sailing, swimming, and volleyball, as well as trips to Whistler, Victoria, and Seattle.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

November 1, 2004, November 29, 2004, December 13, 2004, December 28, 2004, January 24, 2005, February 21, 2005, March 21, 2005, April 18, 2005, May 16, 2005, June 13, 2005, July 11, 2005, August 8, 2005, September 6, 2005, October 3, 2005, October 31, 2005, November 28, 2005, December 28, 2005

Tuition (prices quoted in CAD dollars):
1 - 11 weeks (cost per week): 12 lessons $160, 15 lessons $200, 26 lessons $275, 29 lessons $300
12 - 23 weeks (cost per week): 12 lessons $140, 15 lessons $175, 26 lessons $155, 29 lessons $150
24 - 32 weeks (cost per week): 12 lessons $125, 15 lessons $155, 26 lessons $225, 29 lessons $245
33 weeks or more (cost per week): 12 lessons $120, 15 lessons $150, 26 lessons $210, 29 lessons $230

Application Fee: $100
Housing: $644 (4 weeks)

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Vancouver English Centre
250 Smithe Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1E7