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ISSP University Network Since the establishment of ISSP, apart from 116 Chinese partner universities, over 40 famous international universities from America, England, Australia have joined the network. They provide over 2000 scholarship seats with 15%-50% tuition waiver for international students, which covers about 20 majors. This Summer, ISSP University Network has set up a study tour with 100% tuition waiver, which will hold in Germany, Austria, Poland and Hungary. ISSP High School Network Over 200 high schools from China, Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and North Africa have joined the ISSP High School Network. The ISSP High Schools will not only enjoy the Scholarship policy from the ISSP University Network, but also get support for the establishment of sister schools, language center and international cultural festival. ISSP Agent Network As an international promotion platform of overseas education, iStudy is devoted to developing various promotion channels for Chinese universities and providing international agents with varieties of education resources. The establishment and maintenance of our integrated and scientific agent system has helped Chinese universities open favourable promotion channels in different countries. By the end of last month, 763 agents from around 700 countries have joined our international agents union, helping more than 2000 overseas students study in China successfully!

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