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Address: El Obour Bld, 17B Salah Salem Rd, Cairo, Ad Daqahliyah, 11341, Egypt


Divan Student Travel was founded in 1992 by Mr. Kamal Wajih Hijazi. Mr. Kamal participated in international exchange programmes during his high school and university years, earning his diploma and Bachelor's degree in the United States. Kamal's experiences as an exchange student inspired him to launch Divan, a company in the Middle East specialising in providing young Arab students with the same cultural and formal learning experiences abroad that had changed his life. Today, Divan is the leading expert on student exchange programmes in the Middle East. Since its inception in Amman, Jordan in 1992, Divan Student Travel has expanded to include offices in the Egyptian cities of Cairo and Alexandria, Saudi Arabia's city of Jeddah, and Dubai Knowlege Village in United Arab Emirates. For nearly two decades, Divan has been enhancing students' educational experiences, cultural exchange and practical training all over the world.

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