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Chamber College - Malta

Gzira, Malta



School Introduction

The Chamber College (Malta) is a modern institution offering high quality English Language courses for adults as well as juniors. Our school focuses on a personal approach with students giving high importance to individual attention. Our experienced teaching staff provide a high standard of tuition based on the communicative approach while our customer care staff ensure that our students have a memorable stay through our exciting activity programmes.

Chamber College started operations on 14th February 2005 (thats right, on Valentines day!) and since then it has grown into a professional institution offering quality English language courses to students of all ages and nationalities. To date, Chamber College has hosted students from: Austria, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Georgia, Holland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Libya, Luxembourg, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and more.

ESL Program Introduction

General English Intensive (GEI)
GEI is designed to offer the student a solid, structured foundation in the English Language. The programme consists of 30 lessons (each of 45 minutes duration) per week spread over 5 school days. A healthy nationality mix provides the right scene for quality interaction in class especially when students enjoy this environment for extended hours of tuition.

Our highly qualified and experienced teachers utilise a communicative approach to language learning giving importance to each of the essential language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Substantial attention is also given to vocabulary, grammar, conversation and pronunciation.


General English Semi Intensive (GESI)
Probably our most popular course, GESI is designed to improve students understanding of the English Language as well as the development of communication skills. The programme consists of 20 lessons (each of 45 minutes duration) per week spread over 5 school days. Constant student interaction is complemented by a valuable nationality mix to provide the ideal setting to practice the language.

Our expert teachers offer professional support to students in their quest to develop their language skills. A communicative approach to language learning ensures that students practice all of the essential language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in a highly inspiring atmosphere.


General English Mini Intensive (GEMI)
The GEMI course is aimed at students who want to refresh their understanding of the English Language allowing more free time for excursions around the island! The programme consists of 15 lessons (each of 45 minutes duration) per week spread over 5 school days.

The communicative approach to language learning allows students to interact with other individuals in their class, forming friendly relations while practicing the English Language.


One-to-one General English lessons
Individual tuition allows the student to focus on his/her main areas of interest as well as the language skills where major improvement is desired. Each lesson consists of 60 minutes and is available at any time during school hours.

Our experienced tutors offer precious advice to the student giving personal indications for improvement of Language skills.


Business English Intensive (BEI)
BEI is designed for individuals who need to develop their Business English communication skills, enhancing the students interaction capabilities in an international business environment. The programme consists of 30 lessons (each of 45 minutes duration) per week spread over 5 school days. Small groups of maximum 6 students per class ensure that Business English students receive maximum exposure in this specialised area of the language.

Highly qualified tutors utilise authentic materials to cover real life situations. Moreover students are encouraged to bring their own material to class, making the learning experience a truly meaningful one. Major business skills (such as managing telephone calls, participating in meetings, business presentations and negotiating) are practiced in a modern building equipped with the latest technologies.

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New course EVERY MONDAY morning of every week of the year.

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Chamber College - Malta
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GZR 1707

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