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Cambridge CELTA Courses in Berlin

Berlin, Germany



School Introduction

Cambridge CELTA training courses are held in Berlin at Akademie für Fremdsprachen GmbH, one of the leading Berlin language schools with many successful CELTA graduates. Cambridge recognised EFL teacher training provides employment opportunities all over the world. Berlin, with its huge multicultural scene and its over fifty language schools is the ideal TEFL training ground.

ESL Program Introduction

The course is designed to enable trainee teachers to gain an understanding of pedagogical principles and to develop their language awareness and then to apply this understanding and awareness in teaching practice with classes of adult language learners. Throughout the course the emphasis is on making links between principles and practice. The course is not an academic course in linguistics or education nor is it a method course in prescribed teaching procedures. The aim of the course is to produce teachers who can plan principled lessons, use a range of techniques confidently and who can reflect on and continue to learn from their direct experience.

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Schedule & Fees

01.03.2004 - 26.03.2004
01.06.2004 - 28.06.2004
01.07.2004 - 28.07.2004
02.08.2004 - 27.08.2004
01.09.2004 - 28.09.2004
01.10.2004 - 28.10.2004

Euro 1200

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Cambridge CELTA Courses in Berlin
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