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Prolog - English Courses in Berlin

Berlin, Germany



School Introduction

At PROLOG we offer more than 20 languages in small groups or in individual tuition: from English to Arabic, from Turkish to Spanish. Trained, experienced teachers also impart in as fun and realistic a way as possible what they bring to Berlin: their mother tongue and culture.

The open and inviting school atmosphere, the international background of the students and the multicultural feeling of Berlin make for a unique mixture in PROLOG's courses. PROLOG was accepted into the International House World Organisation in 2002. The aim of this network of more than 120 language schools worldwide is to continually improve the quality of lessons through co-operation, sharing of expertise and regularly teacher training

ESL Program Introduction

Only the combination of theory and practice guarantees really successful language learning. Grammar and conversation are combined in a communicative and lively class atmosphere. Level-based and well-developed instruction material is chosen together with the best textbooks, to build on what has already been learned, repeat what has been forgotten and make quick advancement in comprehension possible. Pronunciation and spelling are thoroughly covered.

The smaller the classes the greater the individual achievement. That is why there is a maximum of 6 participants per class. And those who prefer even fewer classmates can learn in mini classes or in individual tuition.

The quality of a language course depends on the teachers' competence and commitment. Only native speakers with university degrees and extensive teaching experience in adult education work at PROLOG.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Starting Dates:
05.01., 02.02., 01.03., 05.04., 03.05., 07.06., 05.07., 02.08., 06.09., 04.10., 01.11., 06.12.2004

2 weeks: 20 lessons $190, 30 lessons $360
4 weeks: 20 lessons $350, 30 lessons $660
8 weeks: 20 lessons $660, 30 lessons $1240

Application Fee: $50
Housing: $120-$220 (per week)

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Prolog - English Courses in Berlin
Hauptstraße 23/24
D-10827 Berlin

+49 (30) 7811076