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EF English First Indonesia, Surabaya - Kayun

EF Kayun
Surabaya, Indonesia



School Introduction

EF English First Indonesia, Surabaya - Kayun, is part of the EF Surabaya, East Java & Bali group. The school has approximately 900 students and 15 teachers from various countries. EF Kayun opened 12 years ago and was the first school of the EF East Java & Bali group. EF Kayun is located next to the flower market in Surabaya, set in a leafy courtyard off the main road. We offer a variety of English language courses for students of all ages, starting from 5 years old (SD Class 1) to courses designed for professional students. If you would like to study at EF English First Kayun, Surabaya please contact us on +62 (031) 534 0071.

ESL Program Introduction

EF English First Indonesia, Surabaya - Kayun has 5 main study programmes. For children ages 5 - 10, we have a High Flyer English language programme. This programme mainly focuses on speaking and interaction. Following this we have a Trailblazer programme for children aged 11 - 14. This programme integrates some grammar and language functions but with an emphasis on communication and speaking. For students above the age of 14, we have a Real English course, focusing on all English language skills. In addition to our main courses, we also have English for Professional courses, tailored for career people, as well as Conversation Courses.

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Schedule & Fees

We have courses starting every month. Each course, apart from High Flyer and Trailblazer, has the option for a twice or three time a week timetable. For young learner courses, a twice a week option is only available.

Each class lasts 80 minutes and one level comprises of 24 meetings.

Course fees vary depending on the course type and options selected. For a detailed quote, please contact EF Surabaya on 031 534 0071 or visit

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EF Kayun
EF English First Indonesia, Surabaya - Kayun
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