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School Introduction

CES / Swandean: History and Recognition

Established in 1976, CES/Swandean School of English has over 30 years' experience and is one of the leading English language schools in Europe. During this time we have gained an international reputation for the care and attention that all of our clients receive. Over the last 30 years CES/Swandean has helped thousands of students from the four corners of the world improve their English language skills and abilities by helping them to achieve their language passport to their future.

CES/Swandean is recognised by the Irish Department of Education and ACELS in Ireland and is accredited by the British Council in England. CES Ireland is a full member school of EAQUALS and CES/Swandean is a full member of Education UK and is accredited by the British Council. Both schools are members of FIYTO and ALTO. CES/Swandean staff will dedicate themselves to making sure that your stay in Ireland or England is as positive and worthwhile as possible!

ESL Program Introduction

Throughout the year CES/Swandean offer a wide range of courses for adults, all of which include a comprehensive programme of language learning. There is continuous assessment for all students, and long stay students get a progress report each month. Whether you require English for professional, academic or social purposes, CES/Swandean has a course which will meet your needs.

Absolute beginners are accepted 5 times each year. At times other than these clients must join class at the lowest existing level.

Certificates and Reports:
A Certificate of Attendance is given to each student at the end of their course, as well as a detailed report from the teachers outlining important aspects of the course and containing recommendations for further study.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Standard General English:
09:00hrs to 13:00hrs Monday to Friday (20 lessons)

Intensive General English:
09:00hrs to 13:00hrs Mon-Fri & 14.10hrs to 16.00hrs Tues, Wed & Thurs (26 lessons)

09:00hrs to 13:00hrs Mon-Fri (20 lessons) + 5 hrs One-to-One
(14.10-16.20 on 2 afternoons between Mon-Fri)

Work Experience Programme - Dublin:
Unpaid Work Experience programme that can be taken as an option after an English language course in our Dublin centre.The programme will cost an additional 400 to your English language course and accommodation.

Executive Plus:
Professional & Management Courses
The course will be priced according to the number of clients. Teaching hour of 55 minutes - Ireland.

Examination Preparation Course:
First Certificate in English (FCE)
Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
09.00 to 13.00 (20 lessons)

Academic Year Programme:
09:00hrs to 13:00hrs Monday to Friday (20 hours)

Multi Destination Opportunity:
09:00hrs to 13:00hrs Monday to Friday (20 hours)

General English Course with Business Option:
09.00 to 13.00 (General English/Monday-Friday) and 14.10 to 16.00 (Business English/Tuesday-Thursday) 26 lessons

General English with Anglo-Irish Literature Option - Dublin Only:
Class times 09.00 to 13.00 Mon-Fri and 14.10hrs to 16.00 Tues, Wed & Thurs.

Teachers Course - Dublin & Worthing:
09:30hrs to 13.00hrs Monday to Friday (20 lessons)

Adult International Summer Residential Course - Oriel College, Oxford:
Lessons:- 15 hours English language & 5 hours British Culture & History

Junior English Language & Activity Course:
09.30 - 12.30 20 lessons - 15 hours tuition per week

Junior Stage Programme - Winter Option:
10.00-13.00 20 lessons - 15 hours English language tuition

ACELS TEFL Certificate - Dublin only:
Monday - Thursday 09.00-17.00 / Friday 09.00-13.00 intensive 4-week 125 hour course

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

CES Language Schools
31 Dame Street
Dublin 2

+353 1 671 4233