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Kaplan International Colleges - Dublin English School

Dublin, Ireland



School Introduction

With over 40 English schools in eight countries, Kaplan International Colleges is a world’s leading provider in the English language educational sector and has been teaching English as a foreign language to students and professionals since 1967.

The English school in Dublin, located in the exciting Temple Bar district, is housed in an elegant Georgian building overlooking the River Liffey. Our school is a member of MEI and is accredited by ACELS – which you can be sure that all of our English courses are taught by fully qualified, experienced and friendly teachers – welcoming students with all levels of English abilities.

Kaplan International colleges always puts our students in our first priority – we understand that having excellent school facilities is just as important as the course you are doing; therefore, our Dublin English School consists of a large student lounge, dedicated self-study room, up-to-date multimedia and IT centre and free wireless internet access across the college’s area. We also appoint a recreational coordinator to organise daily social events and activities for you to socialise with you fellow students around the city.

ESL Program Introduction

Having a hard time looking for a course that suits your English levels and your interests? Our Dublin English School provides a wide range of flexible and comprehensive English courses to all levels of English abilities.

Kaplan International Colleges is expertise in run a wide range of English Exam and Test Preparation Courses for years. Our reputed Dublin English school offers you with both IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation courses. These are the perfect courses to help you prepare and reviewing your Exam syllabus in order for you to achieve higher score to get into the world-class universities.

As the world’s leading English courses provider, we - undoubtedly - also offer you with General, Intensive and vacation English classes matching your English ability levels as well as your busy lifestyles.

Want to learn to speak English in a business working environment? Why not join our Business English course offered by our prestige Dublin English School? You could also have a choice of doing intensive or general business English courses – depending on your time and preferences.

Alternatively, we are also proud to offer you our long-term General English Academic courses either in a Year time or just for a Semester – which provide you an atmosphere to balance your English study class and free time activities. Not quite as what you want? We cal also offer you with our Intensive English Academic Semester or Year courses. You can then focus your time and efforts concentrating on your studies.

NOTE: At our Dublin school, we are very proud to present our St. Patrick’s Festival Course – providing you a better cultural picture of a famous Irish Festival. Please be aware that this course only runs in a certain period of time in March. Contact us for more information.

Want to learn more about the Irish culture and improve your English abroad? Why not contact us now for more information?

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

The below English courses starts every Monday (or Tuesday - if Monday is a public holiday):
- Vacation English Courses
- General English Courses
- Intensive English Courses

Starting Dates of below English Courses in our Dublin English School in 2010:
For IELTS Preparation course -: Jan 4; Apr 12; May 31; Jun 21; Jul 5; Jul 25; Sep 27

For Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses -: Jan 4; Mar 22; Sep 13

For St. Patrick’s Festival Courses -: Mar 8

For General or Intensive Academic Year Courses -: Jan 4; Apr 12; Jun 21; Sep 27

For General or Intensive Academic Semester Courses -: Jan 4; Mar 22; Apr 12; Jun 21; Sep 27; Oct 18

** Application Fee: EUR 85

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Kaplan International Colleges - Dublin English School
The Presbytery Building
7 Exchange Street Lower
Temple Bar, Dublin 8