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Ingles en Irlanda

Galway, Ireland



School Introduction

We welcome students from all over the world who wish to study English and discover a new culture. We have established a reputation as one of Ireland's leading schools and provide the highest standards of teaching and support services.

Our schools are recognised by the Department of Education for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language. We offer you unique opportunities to study English with our range of Quality Language Courses, Teacher Training Courses, Foundation Programmes and Work experience.

You can select a course to suit your level and your language requirements. You will benefit from the experience of our teaching team and our commitment to quality.

We have schools in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Killarney and Ennis

ESL Program Introduction

Courses are held at 7 levels from Beginner to Advanced (Check availability at Beginner level).
Selling Points:

• Excellent and experience qualified teachers
• “Can do” statements
• Weekly progress tests and tutorials
• Special programme of study at each level. Grading system enables students to move to a higher level when the first programme is completed.
• Teachers focus on practical communication skills with emphasis on speaking and listening. Reading and writing activities provide opportunities for pair and group work. Vocabulary, idioms and grammar are practised in interesting and stimulating ways to achieve fluency.
• Courses have a cultural component to give students an insight into the Irish culture and the Irish way of life.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Students can join our Standard, Intensive and Combination courses on any given Monday. The following are the starting dates for our specialised courses.

• Schools are open from January 4 to December 17

• Schools are closed at national bank holidays

• General English and business english courses are held

• Combination courses of groups and individual tuition

• Executive and profesional courses

• Junior courses

• Family courses

• Cambridge Examination Courses for Cambridge exams, First Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Proficency Certificate.

Special Courses & Features

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Ingles en Irlanda