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ELTA School of Spoken English-Callan Method Dublin

Dublin, Ireland



School Introduction

Welcome to the English Language Training Academy Dublin, Ireland. Our primary objective is to enable our students to speak English effectively and with confidence in as short a time as possible..

* Full time classes take place from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm. The first period is devoted to the General and Academic English. The second two hours are devoted to Callan Method and Advanced Fluency.
* Part time Callan Method Classes at ELTA are held:
* Monday to Thursday: from 11am to 1pm.
* Monday to Friday: from 5pm to 7pm & from 7pm to 9pm
* Saturdays: 1pm to 3pm & 4pm to 6pm & 6pm to 8pm

Here at ELTA we offer you the most highly trained, highly skilled and highly experienced Callan Method teachers in Ireland. They are dedicated professionals who are determned to see you succeed. They have been chosen from the best.

We teach for the following Cambridge exams -FCE IELTS ADVANCED

ACELS (Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services) is the Department of Education body charged with the quality control of English Language Schools in Ireland.
ELTA is the only Callan Method school in Ireland that is recognised by ACELS.

MEI (Marketing English in Ireland) is an association of 53 quality-assured English Language Schools.
ELTA is the only Callan Method school in Ireland that is a member of MEI.
MEI operates a protection for learners policy.
ELTA is the only Callan Method school in Ireland with protection for learners.

ESL Program Introduction

These two methods complement each other perfectly:

*In General English quite a lot of time is spent on grammatical theory, and in the speaking tasks the teacher takes a ‘communicative’ approach. With this approach more emphasis is placed on the student’s ability to get their idea across, rather than accuracy of expression. The aim is to allow the student create a flow of language and to communicate their meaning. Typically the teacher will only intervene if the student is unclear i.e. if their grammar or pronunciation is so wide of the mark that it obscures their meaning.
* A Callan Method class is very different to General English class, focusing almost completely on the spoken language. There is a constant verbal interchange between the teacher and the student. The student is required to answer in complete sentences so that these sentence structures will be retained in the memory and available for re-use. Every error, whether in grammar or in pronunciation, is corrected the moment they are uttered. Grammar is explained, but not in writing: in speaking. The teacher explains a point of grammar and then asks the student a question eliciting a response which shows that the student has understood the point.

Callan Method
Teacher Training for non-native speakers of English
The Graphic Novel for advanced fluency

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

€6 per hour
Intensive weekly

more than 8 hours weekly

immerse yourself in English

improve much quicker

Full-time Callan Method Course
studying 6 hours per day

€7 per hour
payment monthly – 168€

SPECIAL PRICE – 3 months

€430 = €6 per hour

72 hours total

6 hours – 3 times per week
€8 per hour
payment monthly – 128€
SPECIAL PRICE – 3 months
€300 = €6, 25 per hour

48 hours total

4 hours – 2 times for week

Most popular program for Evening and Afternoon students

Courses are paid monthly but there other payment options available:

* weekly
* monthly
* every 3 months
* and more…

Please contact us for more information.

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

ELTA School of Spoken English-Callan Method Dublin
11 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland