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Gordon & Gordon School Of English

Learning English
Dublin, Ireland



School Introduction

Gordon & Gordon School of Englis has existed since the year 2000. It's one of the most effective speaking schools which uses the Callan Method.

The Method guarantees that you will speak and write in English in the fastest time possible, in a quarter of the time than any conventional method.

The Method allows students to learn the language in a quarter of the time. The systematic approach to the process of learning and dedication to increase students participation are the two factors that contribute to the success of the Callan Method.

ESL Program Introduction

Gordon & Gordon School of English offer:

- Normal Courses
- Intensive Courses
- High Intensive Courses
- FCE Preparation

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Normal Courses: 12 hours per month 120 ; 3 months for 300
Normal Courses: 16 hours per month 160; 3 months for 400
Intensive Course: 24 hours per month 192; 3 months for 500
Intensive Course: 32 hours per month 256; 3 months for 700
High Intensity Courses: 36 hours per month 252; 3 months for 605
High Intensity Courses: 40 hours per month 280; 3 months for 770

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Learning English
Gordon & Gordon School Of English
15 Westmoreland Street
Dublin 2

+353 867 264 080