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Dublin, Ireland



School Introduction

Travelling Languages is much more than just a school: Travelling Languages is an inclusive teaching method which combines traditional classroom tuitions with an outside social programme that helps improve your foreign language skills while travelling around your chosen host country.

Moving from town to town is a fantastic way to keep you engaged; it helps to increase your knowledge, enhance your experience and, most importantly, to ensure that you practise your chosen foreign language while continuously interacting with local people.

Our tailor made programmes provide a perfect balanced programme of learning, exploring, enjoying and relaxing; a trip to broaden your languages skills and knowledge of the country, while having fun and meeting new people throughout.

We are in 6 Clare Street, Dublin 2, in the house that used to be Samuel Beckett’s home and family office. He had accommodation on the top floor of which was his father’s chartered surveying business. His first novels and some of his later works were incubating here. It is in front of the National Gallery, just 50 meters from where Oscar Wilde’s birthplace is, where his monument ‘the fag on the crag’ is placed (across from his parents’ house).

All our classrooms feature comfortable chairs and pretty desks, a whiteboard and a 32” or 40” flat screen for all the audio, video and multimedia activities. A comfortable and relaxing common area is on the ground floor; an internet corner with PCs for our students is also available. Of course WI-FI is available for free throughout the building: it can be used with personal devices and with our tablets that we provide to each student! There is also an internal back garden where our students can enjoy the sunny days like the ones that sometimes Irish summer gladly offers us!

ESL Program Introduction

We offer several different English programmes from part time evening/afternoon General English courses, to full time exam preparation courses and intensive one/two weeks programmes.

All our lessons are student centred, they will focus on your needs and will cover all the skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. During the course you will be constantly assessed by our experienced teachers and you will cover all the aspects of the English language.

You will be encouraged to speak English 24-7 (even if it is particularly difficult and challenging). The aim is to help you put your language into practice from the moment you arrive.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

General English Full Time - Classes in Dublin
Starting Dates: Any Monday (excluding school's closure period - 16th December 2013 to 12th January 2014)
Tuition: 155€ per week

General English Part Time - Evening/Afternoon Classes in Dublin
Starting Dates: Any Monday (excluding school's closure period - 16th December 2013 to 12th January 2014)
Tuition: 50€ per week

TIE / IELTS Exam Preparation course
Starting Dates: 10th November
Tuition: 1, 977€ includes 4 weeks tuition + accommodation with host family

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Travelling Languages has selected the best and most comfortable accommodation. A friendly environment in a hostel (compared to that of a hotel) helps students to feel more confident when using their chosen foreign language. Quality is a must and all the accommodations provided have spacious and comfortable rooms and are conveniently located to the city centre. For our longer or group courses, we avail of hospitality from Irish families who will host our students in a friendly and warm atmosphere. This is not only a good way for students to integrate into Irish life and culture, but also helps them to become familiar with the city being visited and with the language used on day to day basis. All host families are carefully selected and continually monitored.

Contact Info

Travelling Languages
6, Clare Street
Dublin 2 - Dublin