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Business English, Language and Culture Training (USA and Japan)

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School Introduction

In the United States, Business English, Language and Culture Training is a program of personalized English instruction provided to individuals and small groups. It is not a school per se. My students vary in their needs, levels of English proficiency and interests. For example, one young woman is an architect from Japan. Another is an executive at a major Korean company. Two are local government officials in their country. All are non-native speakers with their own unique needs and language issues. My goal is to work with my students, in a relaxed environment, so they learn English vocabulary, grammar, listening, writing and communication skills within the framework of Business English.

In Japan, The Global Business Institute Inc. offers my Business English program to companies, university students and others who recognize a personal need to understand Business English in order to succeed in the global marketplace. Teachers are highly-trained native-English speakers who use my content and teaching methods.

ESL Program Introduction

In the USA: My programs are for small groups of business professionals and individual business students. The focus is on increasing business credibility in English-speaking business environments. It is important for students to work and socialize more comfortably with English-speaking colleagues and friends and to function as valuable and productive assets to their companies and organizations. Basic business and language skills are taught along with suggestions for behavior modification in order to meet the expectations of English-speaking clients and colleagues. Additionally, the students learn every-day functional skills and practical strategies for business success.

In Japan: This 47-hour program incorporates comprehensive lessons covering more than 15 critical business topics with distinct grammar and pronunciation segments. All language skills are addressed during the program. Students participate in hands-on exercises as they learn skills, competancies, behaviors and information which will help ease their entry into the often-intimidating global marketplace. The native-English speaking teachers intentionally reflect and respect both the Japanese and Western perspectives. This program is appropriate for companies and organizations who are looking for a practical, standardized, quality Business English program as well as for university students and others who want to excell in multi-cultural business environments.

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Schedule & Fees

The time and length of small group sessions are negotiated with the client. Private students decide on the length of each session and the number of hours per week. There is a minimum of ten lessons required for all private students. Since there are often variables in requests for lessons, fees are sometimes negotiated. The following are examples of fees charged in 2008 in USA:

Group Business English Lessons in client office: 15 weeks (two-hour sessions) for a total of 30 hours of lessons (maximum of 8 students). $7, 500. ($250 per session; materials [other than textbook] included).

Individual Business English Coaching in client office: two-hour sessions. $120 per lesson; materials (other than textbook) included.

Individual lessons at home office: $50. per hour; $100 for two-hours (minimum 10 lessons); handouts included.

Contact The Global Business Institute Inc. for school and company fees in Japan.

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Contact Info

Business English, Language and Culture Training (USA and Japan)
USA : 201 West 16th Street
New York City, New York 10011

Japan: Shinosaka Chiyoda BLDG 8A 4-4-64, Miyahara, Yodogawa- ku, Osaka-shi, OSAKA

212 691-6860 (USA) 06-6399-5021 (Japan)