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Sliema English School with Kaplan International Colleges

Sliema, Malta



School Introduction

With over 40 years of experience and more than 40 English schools all over the world, Kaplan International Colleges is a world leader in the English language education sector.

Malta, being part of the British Empire for over 160 years, has become an ideal destination for learning English.

Our English school in Sliema, Malta is surrounded by the sparkling sea water of the Mediterranean Sea – is only a 5-minute boat ride away from the city’s capita Valletta. Sliema is well-known for its lovely warm weather, we are sure that you would be benefit from the natural beauty and climate while studying at our Sliema English School.

It is housed in a modern building featured with 70 spacious classroom fully equipped with new multimedia and IT facilities. It also boasts a comfortable student lounge and a school cafeteria for you to socialise and relax with your schoolmates when you are out of the classroom. Our school also provides you with free wireless internet access throughout the school’s areas.

Want to learn English in this popular travel destination - enjoying the warm sunny climate on the beautiful beaches? Join our Sliema English school now and have a wonderful English Adventure you can ever imagine.

ESL Program Introduction

Our Sliema English school offers a wide range of English courses and exam preparation courses for thousands of students around the world. Students of all ages and English levels can advance their personal, professional and academic development with our courses offered by the Sliema School.

With more than 40 years experience in English Exam and Test Preparation Courses, our Sliema English school provides you with IELTS and Cambridge Exam preparation courses that aim to help you achieving a better score for entering into the first-class universities. We also offer General and Intensive English programmes designed to match your English ability levels as well as to fit into your busy schedules.

Want to enhance your English in a Business environment? Our Sliema English School in Malta can offer you with the English for Business courses – brushing up your English in any business contexts.

Planning to look for a long-term English course? Our General and Intensive English Academic courses will fulfil your dream – which you can choose to stay for a Semester or a Year.

Can’t wait to experience the Mediterranean climate? Contact us now for more information. We look forward to seeing all the new faces in our Sliema English School.

Note: Are you over 50 and want to stay in an English course with your similar age group? Have a look at our English for 50+ courses.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

The below English courses starts every Monday:
- General English Courses
- Intensive English Courses
- Mini group Intensive courses
- General or Intensive Academic Year Courses
- General or Intensive Academic Semester Courses
- English for Business Courses*

Note: The Beginners classes of the above courses start only on the first Monday of each month (Does not apply to English for Business Courses)

Starting Dates of below English Courses in Sliema English School in 2010:
For English for 50+ course -: Feb 8; Apr 5; May 17; Oct 11; Nov 8

For Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE/CAE) Courses -: Jan 11; Apr 19; Oct 11

For IELTS Exam Preparation Courses -: Jan 11; Feb 22; Mar 22; Apr 12; May 3-4; Jun 19; Aug 16; Sep 6; Oct 11

*Application Fee: EUR 85

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Sliema English School with Kaplan International Colleges
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