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School Introduction

The NSTS - English Language Institute was founded in 1963 and was the first English Language school to operate in Malta. We adopted a policy of quality that reverberated internationally and fostered a steady increase in demand. 20 years or so later NSTS Malta expanded into providing tuition all year round while others started to open summer schools and replicate programmes.
The NSTS English Language Institute Malta provides a complete range of language courses to meet various needs and ensures that you will find the one that will meet your requirements.

ESL Program Introduction

Our courses are largely inspired by a communicative language teaching methodology and our teachers opt for an eclectic approach which focuses on the development of your language skills. You will readily participate in dynamic teaching activities that are further enhanced by the international composition of your class group.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

General English Intensive Courses in Malta

This is the most popular English language course as it appeals to young and not so young adult learners who are motivated to reap the benefits of top quality professional tuition and the expertise of our highly qualified, friendly and dynamic teachers.
A dynamic and pleasant way to master English in a few weeks

Business English Courses in Malta

In the Busines English Language course, you will develop vocabulary relevant to your professional business area, present marketing strategies and statistics more confidently and effectively, and also improve your writing as you write more effective formal letters, reports, e-mails and memos.
Furthermore, learner-centred instruction tools such as role-play, group work and simulations will enhance your communication skills, both face-to-face and on the telephone.

Intensive & Business English courses in Malta

This flexible combination offers you 20 lessons in General English Intensive and 10 lessons in Business English.
Learner-centred instruction tools such as role-play, group work and simulations will enhance your communication skills, both face-to-face and on the telephone.

Summer Intensive English courses in Malta

Summer Intensive General English programmes are lifelike classroom situations and action-packed social encounters that draw upon Malta’s eclectic summer resort atmosphere.
As an active member of an international group of learners you will quickly develop your fluency in a relaxed and friendly manner. Our expertly trained, friendly and dynamic teachers create an interactive classroom environment


Individual lessons & English for Specific Purposes
The most specialised and focused lessons designed for highly-motivated professionals, business executives and keen learners who want to rapidly improve their English language proficiency in a limited time. On your first day at the English Language Institute Malta, your teacher will discuss with you your specific course objective and will then personalise your course content on your work-related interests using current and professional topics.

Examination preparation & Intensive English

Long term courses in Malta.Our higly qualified and experienced teachers, some of whom are also Cambridge speaking and writing examiners, conduct these two distinct but associated programmes that run from 8 weeks to 1 year....

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are designed to enhance your knowledge of the English Language and to help you speak more fluently. Any student following Intensive, Exam Preparation/Long Term, Business, Summer Intensive, Vacation and Teacher Training may apply for such courses. These consist of 5 or 10 additional lessons on a 1 to 1 basis.

Book individual lessons in addition to your group course and improve your English faster!

Special Courses & Features

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English Language Institute
12, Taliana lane

00356 2558 8000
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