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School Introduction

TEFL Certification in Mexico was borne out of extensive research and experience of language training in Mexico. Mexico has high demand for qualified EFL Teachers, yet a lack of trainee centric services to filter these teachers through. The ethos of the Teacher Training Center is to not only deliver a modern and effective approach to teacher training, but to also offer a training service which will launch careers and evolve with changes in the field.

With this ethos in mind, we assist our trainees in their achievement by equipping them with the practical teaching experience and academic tools required to undertake the role of a TEFL Certified teacher, fully capable and accredited to teach English on a global scale.

We firmly believe that we are measured by the success of our trainees. The Teacher Training Center will soon become Mexico’s leading provider of TEFL Certification.

ESL Program Introduction

Our Intensive TEFL Certification will equip you with the best possible grounding for a career as a TEFL Certified teacher. Whether you decide to teach in South Korea, Mexico or volunteer, you will develop practical classroom teaching skills, explore a range of teaching methodologies and analyze the English language from different perspectives.

Trainees completing their TEFL Certification do eight hours of observed teaching practice during a four week period. The 8 hours of observed teaching practice are spread out over the duration of the TEFL Certification and can start as soon as day two. The TEFL Training Center’s partnership with the highly respected language school United English enables us to provide TEFL Certification participants not only with valuable observed teaching practice from day two, but also the opportunity to conduct guided observations of experienced and qualified TEFL teachers throughout the four weeks.

Teaching practice is normally scheduled within course hours, usually between 4pm and 7pm. However, it is important to note that it may sometimes be scheduled at other times and, perhaps even on a Saturday, so it is essential that Trainee Teachers are available for the entire duration of their TEFL Certification.

Trainee Teachers undertake four relevant and rewarding written assessment tasks which require them to apply theory from course input sessions to practical learning and teaching contexts. The deadlines for the four written assignments are spread out over the four weeks of the TEFL Certification.

Trainee teachers receive formative feedback on their work and are given the opportunity to improve their work if necessary.
It is important to keep in mind that due to the comprehensive nature of your TEFL Certification, it will at times be demanding. Trainees need to give 100% to their certification. Those that do will see a clear link between their dedication and their development as a TEFL Certified teacher.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Four Week Comprehensive TEFL Certification Special - $990 (includes twenty hours of free Spanish lessons)
Four Week Comprehensive TEFL Certification Regular - $1400 (includes twenty hours of free Spanish lessons)

Accommodation and living expenses are not included. The following are estimates for Mexico.
Housing: $200 - $400 per month

Example Scenario:
At the time of writing my current rent in Queretaro, Mexico is 5500 peso per month for rent which is $450 Canadian. I live in an amazing neighborhood in a very large (new) apartment. Includes two large bedrooms and one office.

Salary's range from 8000+ and my current salary is 13000 pesos per month and I find I can generally save money. My contract is for 37.5 hours per week and I typically teach business students.

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