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Kiwi English Adventures New Zealand Limited

Auckland, New Zealand



School Introduction

Live with your teacher's family and enjoy their hospitality. Participate in their daily life and join them on outings.We have homestay tutor families in Auckland, Christchurch, and New Plymouth.

New Zealand is is the perfect place for international students to study and practise English: a unique safe clean green land, packed with magnificent scenery - craggy coastlines, sweeping beaches, ancient forests, crystal-clear lakes and rivers, all beneath a brilliant blue sky.

ESL Program Introduction

Homestay English Courses: Live in your teacher's home. Choose between ten and twenty-five hours tuition per week. You will always be the only guest in your teacher's house, unless you choose to come with a friend.

Active English: Choose from a variety of activity programmes including golf, golf, fishing, skiing, rafting, caving and hiking, or let us design a unique programme based on your intersts. All Active English programmes include ten hours English tuition per week.

English Tours: Travel New Zealand with your qualified teacher as a personal guide. You can add formal lesson hours if you want.

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Schedule & Fees

Come any time.

Choose how many weeks you want to stay.

Choose how many hours tuition you want per week.

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Housing/Accommodation Info

Students live with their teacher.

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Kiwi English Adventures New Zealand Limited
11 Tasman Drive
Auckland 2113

+64 9 299 3978
+64 9 299 3978