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Evakona Education

English Language Education
Whitianga, New Zealand



School Introduction

Evakona Education has two campuses and Whitianga branch is about 2 hours east of Auckland, at the lovely Mercury Bay. Thames branch is about 1 hours from Auckland, at the historical east side of Coromandel Peninsula.

Evakona Education is well established language school has a team of highly qualified and experienced tutors who enjoy teaching the students of all age groups in a friendly, familiar and international atmosphere. Evakona offers courses for all levels of English.
The maximum class size of 10 students guarantees highest effectiveness. Besides general and intensive courses

Coromandel Peninsula is New Zealandís favourite holiday destination. People from Auckland, Hamilton and other cities come here to relax on the white sandy beaches, enjoy fishing, surfing, other marine sports and life in the beach town.

Framed by native Pohutukawa trees on the western side, beautiful white sandy beaches in the east and divided by ranges cloaked in native rainforest, the Coromandelís 400 kms of coastline offer the visitor a truly distinctive blend of experiences.

The key feature of The Coromandel is our people; known as friendly, relaxed and welcoming they look forward to meeting you and sharing their little paradise with you.

ESL Program Introduction

Besides general and intensive courses Evakona offers exam preparation courses as well as private lessons. Our activity courses and our "Family Programme" are very popular. We can also organise combinations, like English and Scuba Diving, Golf or Horse Riding.
Every Friday students can participate in a group activity. The range of activities is almost unlimited, usually they are of an adventurous, sportive, cultural or artistic nature.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Open All year round except first and last week of the year and Public Holidays. (Closed for two weeks, From Dec 24th to Jan 7th)
General / Intensive English Course 2009
Full time 23: 23 hours tuition per week NZ$ 380
Full time 21: 21 hours tuition per week NZ$ 350
Part time : 15 hours tuition per week NZ$ 260

Exam Preparation Course (TOEIC, IELTS, FCE etc) - minimum 4 weeks
Exam Preparation 23 (Group) per week NZ$ 380
Exam Preparation 21 (Group) per week NZ$ 350
Exam Preparation 19 (Group + Private lesson) per weekNZ$ 540

General / Intensive English + Friday Activity
Full time 23 + Friday Activity per week NZ$ 445
Full time 21 + Friday Activity per week NZ$ 415
Part time + Friday Activity per week NZ$ 325

English + SCUBA 2 weeks NZ$ 1200
English + Horse Riding per week NZ$ 500
English + Golf
Please contact us

Private Lessons
Private English Lesson (55mins) NZ$ 70
Private arranged & escorted activities (2hrs)
NZ$ 150 each activity
Friday Afternoon Group Activity (2 -2.5hrs)
NZ$ 65 ($ 55 if pre booked)

Private Activity (with escort) NZ$150

High School Preparation Course
Full time Tuition per week NZ$ 380
Friday afternoon curriculum fee NZ$ 2000
per course

Evakona Catch-Up lessons (Private lessons, after school hours)
Catch-up lessons for high school students
4 hours per week x 30 wks per year NZ$ 4000
2 hours per week x 30 wks per year NZ$ 2000

Evakona Student Care
Care A - Full Care NZ$ 150 per week or NZ$ 6000 per year
Care B - Partial Care (Family program Care) NZ$ 80 per week or
NZ$ 3200 per year

Other Fees (if applicable)
Registration Fee NZ$ 180
Accommodation Arrangement Fee, per accommodation NZ$ 150
Homestay fee (including 3 meals per day)
for over 18 year old (Whitianga / Thames) per week NZ$ 200
for under 18 year old students (Whitianga) per week NZ$ 210
for under 18 year old students (Thames) per week NZ$ 200

Resource Fee (for courses up to 2 weeks) NZ$ 10 per week
Text Books (for courses over 2 weeks), every 12 weeks NZ$ 100

TOEIC Examinations (learn more) NZ$ 190 per exam
NCEA/NQF Accreditation fee NZ$ 140
NCEA/ NQF Credit fee, per year NZ$ 100

Transport A : Private Charter Shuttle (includes Airport Meet and Greet Service)
Auckland Airport - Thames, per shuttle NZ$ 150 one way
Auckland Airport - Whitianga, per shuttle NZ$ 250 one way

Transport B : Shuttle Bus (Depart AKL Airport at 1:30pm everyday except Tuesday and Public holidays)
To Thames NZ$ 60 one way
To Whitianga NZ$ 80 one way

Transport C : Airoplane to Whitianga (Depart AKL domestsic Airport on Fridays and Sunday in Summer time only.) NZ$129 one way

Insurance (MARSH Student Safe) 1 month up to 1 year NZ$ 71 - 468

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Homestay (including 3 meals a day) Homestay living is a great experience and an important part of the English learning process. Communication with your homestay family will enhance your cultural experience and improve your English. Our homestay families are carefully chosen, and students are monitored regularly to ensure their comfort and well-being. House / Flat / Apartment for over 18years old students only It is even possible to rent a complete house with a garden or a nice apartment by the beach for your own use. Fully furnished and ready for you to move in. Another great way to experience real New Zealand life style while keeping your independence.

Contact Info

English Language Education
Evakona Education
18 South Highway,
Whitianga, Coromandel Peninsula

+64 7 867 1178
+64 7 867 1175