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Pinemoors Adventure Language College

Albany, New Zealand



School Introduction

ESL Program Introduction

Pinemoors Adventure Language College adhers to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students under the New Zealand Ministry of Education 1989 Act.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

We are full for the rest of 2010 so we are only taking new students from 2011.
Students are enrolled for 4 weekly sessions the first for 2011 starting January 24th.
Students must arrive in New Zealand the weekend before class starts and leave their host family the weekend after class ends.
Students can enrol for up to 3 sessions. Each session students receive a discount of 10%.
Session 1 cost $2900NZ
Session 2 costs $2610 NZ
Session 3 costs $2320 NZ.
A $50 application fee is payable with an application. This is non refundable.
Session fees must be paid when application is accepted.
Fees cover tuition, homestay, transport and some activities. Other activities are an additional cost when students opt into that part of the programme. Some extra costs may have to be paid to Host families for travel or meals that are outside the families normal routine. eg: travel outside of Auckland sightseeing or a resturant meal out where students may have to pay their own way.

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

All hosting families are vetted and the accomodation checked before placements. Families are their keenness to work with students on there english and to ensure they have a good time while in New Zealand

Contact Info

Pinemoors Adventure Language College
26 Beacon Rd