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School Introduction

PIMSLEUR Global Academy of Languages is a foremost provider of language education and training through standardized, pre-eminent and comprehensive learning system founded on a scientific and well-calibrated teaching methodology that guarantees practical communication experience.
The PGAL System is a most effective way to learn English because, first of all, we start your program in the right way by customizing our carefully designed basic programs to fit your specific needs and your current skills level. That is why the first phase of your program is actually an assessment and evaluation of your current English skills level making use of PGAL’s Spoken English Proficiency Test (SEPT).

Then we begin Phase II of your learning program consisting of four (4) months of Online Instruction. Phase III is our one (1) month Live English Immersion Program, in which the student travels to the resort city of Cebu, Philippines and takes up Individual Tutorials and Group Classes in our academy.

ESL Program Introduction

English Communication Program (E-Com)
Level Required: NOVICE I

The E-Com Program is for the student who wants more than “survival” English skills, but does not particularly need technical or business English. It is an excellent choice for the student who wants to pursue studies abroad, since the program is designed to equip him with essential language and communication skills. After finishing 4-months of Online Instruction and 4 weeks of being immersed in an English-Only environment, the student will definitely have the confidence and the skills to explore beyond his country’s shores.

Business Communications Program (B-Com)
Level Required: INTERMEDIATE I

This is for the professional who is not satisfied with “just-to-survive” English skills, or for the student who is planning to take post-graduate studies abroad. An Intermediate level of English skills is required to undergo this program because it involves specialized vocabulary and more technical discussion topics. The 4-month Online Instruction phase is an excellent preparation for the 4-week Immersion program in which students are not only exposed to English speaking environment, but a business setting as well.

English for Teachers
Level Required: INTERMEDIATE I

With the increasing demand for English proficiency around the world, teachers are pressured to acquire better English skills in order to remain competitive. As more students decide to study in universities abroad, teaching the academic subjects in English is becoming a logical idea. English for Teachers is a 4-month program that includes 3 modules; Vocabulary Power, Teacher Talk and English for Classroom Use. This program was designed to enable the student-teacher to use English as a medium of instruction; it also takes into consideration the particular subject that the student-teacher is teaching or is planning to teach.

Speak Easy
Level Required: at least Intermediate I

This program is designed to help the student get used to speaking in English, whether in conducting and submitting to interviews, or in giving speeches to large groups. It is highly recommended for people who would like to focus on sharpening their oral English skills, in both formal and informal settings. The program also includes lessons in moderating discussion groups and engaging in academic debates.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

A Complete PGAL Packages costs 1, 520.00 USD
The package includes:
-4 months of Online English Instruction - Individual Tutorials
-1 Month PGAL Live English Immersion - Group Classes and Individual Tutorials
-1 Month Standard Dormitory Accommodations (2-3 persons/room with meals and housekeeping

We also offer the Online Instruction packages on a per module basis. Please refer to our website.

Special Courses & Features

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Pimsleur Global Academy of Languages
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