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Asian Center for Foreign Languages

Pasig City, Philippines



School Introduction

The ACFL boasts of cross-border learning environment that covers a span of more than 21 languages and cultures around the globe. Whether expatriate, student, or professional, the ACFL is the best venue for one's language enrichment.

Asian Center for Foreign Languages is located at the heart of Ortigas business district. Distinguished and spacious, the landmark structure is highly regarded for its top-rate security measures, and technical features.

ESL Program Introduction

With the vision of bringing the great language divide between nationalities, the ACFL focuses on excellence in oral and written language proficiency as its core value.

Our learning modules for ESL are grounded on an extensive research database coupled with individual assessments of enrolees' strengths. The Center determines the skill and level of each enrollee through a diagnostic test that provides the map for one's training program. Enhanced with a practical and easy teaching style, each ACFL class is a specialized training program geared towards true language mastery at one's own pace and preference.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Group class
30-hrs : 15 lessons $ $170, 60-hrs: 30 lessons $ 340
90-hrs: 45 lessons $ 510, 120 hrs: 60 lesons $ 680

30- hrs: 15 lessons $ 560.00 60-hrs: $1, 120
120-hrs: $ 2, 160.00

Homestary ( 1 month) $ 450.00 -500

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

The students can also stay in nearby hotels or condominiums.

Contact Info

Asian Center for Foreign Languages
1406-B West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre (Tektite) Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City

(063) 6330722; 6877342