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School Introduction

TalkShop credibility is affirmed by a copious list of long-term corporate accounts and individual clients, as well as its affiliation with international English groups, such as the International English Education Research Association (IEERA).

TalkShop, pioneer of Communicative Language Teaching (ILT) in the Philippines, is a Civil Service- accredited English training center. Private organizations, government groups, and international companies alike have entrusted the training of their rank & file and management teams to the expertise of TalkShop. This English training provider is conveniently situated in Makati City, the heart of business and financial district of the Philippines.

International Affiliation: International English Education Research Association

Local Accreditation: Civil Service Commission

ESL Program Introduction

People have approached language learning in many ways over the years. The self-directed language learner or the language teacher may well ask, "What approach should I use?" on hearing about a new language learning method. Such a person might ask, "What method should I use? What's the difference between an approach, a technique and method?"

In 1963 the American applied linguist, Edward Anthony defined these three terms (approach, method and techniques in a way that has been used by Richards & Rogers (1986) and is cited by Douglas Brown (1994). These same definitions will be presented here to help you decide how you want to approach language learning.

Approach - refers to theories about the nature of language and language learning that serve as the source of practices and principle in language teaching.

Language method - is an overall plan for presenting language material, based on the selected approach.

Language learning technique - is a particular strategy or procedure used to accomplish a particular objective.

In the modules that follow, a brief survey of language learning methods and techniques currently in use will be presented, along with the approaches they are based on, according to Richard & Rogers.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Phase 1: Introduction to Second Language Acquisition
Issues in Second Language Acquisition
Learner Interview
Teaching Observation
Learner Language
Teaching Speaking
Teaching Games & Discussions
Phase 2: Interlanguage
Contrastive Analysis
Social Aspects of Interlanguage
Video Teaching
Case Study # 1
Phase 3: Discourse
Discourse Analysis
Teacher Interview
Teaching Listening
Annotated Lesson Plan
Language and Culture / Teaching English to Foreign Nationals
Discourse Analysis Article
Phase 4: Linguistics
Teaching Grammar/Peer Teaching
Adopt/Present a Text
Critical Theory in Language Teaching
Terminology Quiz
Phase 5: Individual Differences in L2 Acquisition
Language, Culture, and Identity
Teaching Reading
Intensive Pronunciation
Instruction and Acquisition
Forming Study Groups
Evaluating Lesson Plans
Conducting Learner Evaluation

Special Courses & Features

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G/F Torre De Salcedo,
184 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village,
Makati City 1229