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Sindibad Education Consultancy Riyadh English Schools

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Address: 3551 Northern Ring Road, Riyadh, Ar Riyad, 11673, Saudi Arabia


Sindibad Education Consultancy's main goal is to provide professional advice and help to students looking for study abroad opportunities. Our partner education providers are in all English speaking countries offering language courses, undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. All supporting services are also provided by our agency, such as help with visa applications, accommodation, airport transfer, hotel reservations, etc.

Fax: +966-1-494 2512

Ph: +966-1-494 0444

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Principal Agent: Ayman Abdelhafez

Qualified Counsellors at Sindibad Education Consultancy Riyadh

Ahmed ali

Ahmed Ali

ITAC 276

Ahmed Othman

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Ahmed megahed karakish

Ahmed Karakish

ITAC 118 Badge thumb CCG 212
Ayman abdelhafez

Ayman Abdelhafez

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Mohamed Refaat Ahmed Mohamed Ramadan

ITAC 334