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Ascend Education Centre

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School Introduction

Ascend English school is located in the heart of Singapore's education district in the city.

At Ascend, we provide high quality English courses in small interactive classes of no more than 14 students. Learning English is cultural, interesting, interactive
and fun activity at Ascend.

ESL Program Introduction

Ascend’s English as a Global Language (EGL) program is a graded programme which aims to build up our students’ level of competency and confidence in the English language in a gradual and structured way so that they can live and study effectively in an English speaking environment. Our commitment to academic excellence at Ascend is reflected in our adoption of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework (CEF) of reference (2001) for language teaching and assessment. The aim of the CEF is to provide a common international base for defining and measuring levels of language proficiency.

Our EGL program at Ascend consists of 7 language levels which are mapped directly onto the Common European Framework as shown in the table below. The table also compares the language level at Ascend and the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Our students at Ascend are expected to reach an IELTS score of 6.5 or a TOEFL IBT score of 80 to progress on to diploma and degree programmes in Singapore or overseas.

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Starting Dates:
First Term - 7 January (M) – 20 March (Th)
Second Term - 31 March (M) – 20 June (F)
Third Term - 30 June (M) – 19 September (F)
Forth Term - 29 September (M) – 19 December (F)

English as a Global language (EGL)
Full-time Program: S$1, 650
Two Terms EGL S$2, 950
Three Terms EGL S$4, 450
Four Terms EGL S$5, 950

IELTS Mon – Fri 2pm – 5pm S$1, 650
TOEFL Mon – Fri 2pm – 5pm S$1, 650

Special Courses & Features

Contact Info

Ascend Education Centre
470 North Bridge Road,
#02-11 North Bridge Commercial Complex,
Singapore 188735

+65 6338 1378